‘Violation of the Military Service Act’ Seok Hyun-joon, will his soccer life end like this?

As striker Seok Hyeon-joon (32), a former national soccer team player, was found guilty of violating the Military Service Act, his career as a player was put in jeopardy.메이저놀이터

On the 1st, the Suwon District Court sentenced Seok Hyeon-jun, who was charged with violating the Military Service Act, to 8 months in prison and 2 years probation in the first trial. 

The judge said, “Considering the purpose of the current law to secure a fair order in military service, severe punishment is inevitable.” It was taken into account,” he said. 

Seok Hyun-joon, who returned to Korea at the end of 2022 after terminating his contract with Troyes (France) and was tried for violating the Military Service Act, tried to join the K4 League (4th Division) Jeonju Citizen Soccer Team in February of this year. The Jeonju Citizens Soccer Team also welcomed Seok Hyun-joon, who is from the national team and has a lot of overseas stage experience. 

For Seok Hyun-joon, who is still in his early 30s and is trying to make a comeback as a soccer player, if he serves as a social worker, he can continue his career as a player. The K4 League (4th division) allows social workers to participate only in weekend games according to regulations. 

Advancement into Europe achieved with one ‘challenging spirit’… A turbulent football life 

However, as Seok Hyeon-joon was sentenced to probation, even this came to nothing. This is because according to the rules of the Korea Football Association, players who are on probation cannot be registered.

Seok Hyeon-jun was a player who drew attention for his turbulent soccer life. Standing 190cm tall and with a strong physique, he did not plan to go to college or advance to the K-League after graduating from high school, but in June 2009, he blindly visited Ajax, a prestigious Dutch team, and applied for a test.

The anecdote that succeeded in January 2010 after receiving a passing grade from manager Martin Jol, who led Ajax at the time, is so famous. But Seok Hyun-joon’s ‘Cinderella Story’ ended there. Seok Hyun-joon, who failed to break through Ajax’s fierce competition for starting positions, failed to get out of the reserve and parted ways without much success. 

He was also called up to the national team several times and appeared in 15 A-matches, but did not show his performance as expected. 

Nevertheless, Seok Hyun-joon continued his overseas life with an extraordinary spirit of challenge. Repeated transfers and loans to Groningen (Netherlands), Maritimo (Portugal), Al Ahli (Saudi Arabia), Nacional, Vitoria Setubal, Porto (Portugal), Trabzonspor (Turkey), Debrecen (Hungary), Played in Troyes. 

The biggest crisis in football life… Will we overcome the ‘3-year gap’? 

In order to continue living abroad like this, he had to solve his military service, but Seok Hyun-jun could not take advantage of the opportunity. He was not selected for the 2012 London Olympics, where Korea won a bronze medal, and the 2014 Asian Games in Incheon, where it won a gold medal. He participated in the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, but did not win a medal. 

Seok Hyeon-joon, who had delayed returning to the K-League or joining Sangmu, applied for an extension of his stay abroad, but was rejected, and was eventually charged with violating the Military Service Act. 

Rumors such as avoiding military service or naturalization also circulated in some places, but Seok Hyun-jun made a direct statement in December 2022 and said, “I have never had any intention of avoiding military service as a citizen of the Republic of Korea.” My heart and thoughts of fulfilling it have always been unchanged.”

In addition, “As I am obliged to defend the country, I have tried to send letters of cooperation to terminate contracts with overseas clubs,” he said. I missed the time when I could return and go to business.” 

After breaking up with Troyes in July 2022, Seok Hyun-jun, who has not been able to play on the ground for nearly a year, has faced the biggest crisis of his football life as he has quit playing for at least two more years. 

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