Viyena “KB Insurance will become a dark horse that will surprise everyone”

KB Insurance’s Apogit spiker Andres Villena (30, Spain) is back. He expressed his ambition to lead KB’s spring volleyball in the fourth season in Korea.

KB Insurance chose to renew the contract with Viena during the foreign player tryout. Villena, who played for two seasons at Korean Air from 2019 to 2021, joined KB as a substitute player during last season and showed off his offensive ability. He joined midway and ranked 8th in scoring, but ranked 2nd in attack success rate.

Villena, who attended the media day held at the Riviera Hotel in Seoul토토사이트 on the 10th, said, “I rested well during the off-season. I went on a trip to Mexico with my girlfriend to gather my thoughts. I also rehabilitated my shoulders and knees. I also participated in the European Championships as a member of the national team.” I told you about my current situation. He laughed and said, “I proposed to my girlfriend. We are planning to get married next year.”

He spent one season at KB, but there was a change in the composition of his teammates. In particular, setter Hwang Taek-ui enlisted in the military and Hwang Seung-bin joined. Villena said, “I am happy to be able to come to KB again. I was able to come in a good mood because of the memories from last year. Both the old and new players are doing well. The new players brought good energy.” Villena has integrated perfectly into his team, even passing on the skills he knows to domestic players.

Regarding his collaboration with Seungbin Hwang, “During my days at Korean Air, we barely matched each other, and we are getting better little by little. Seungbin Hwang is a good setter, and he raises the ball that the players want. I can’t say he’s perfect, but he’s 100% tuned to even the smallest details. “It will be. We are adjusting the speed of the ball a little more specifically to ensure perfect timing.”

KB Insurance, which took second place in the 2021-22 season, ranked 6th last season. This year too, it is not rated as top tier. Villena said, “I think our team is not very strong, but I don’t think our power is low. I will fight with my teammates with all my might. Our team will be the dark horse that surprises everyone.” “Every Apogee is my rival,” Vijena said.

When asked about his secret weapon, coach Hu In-jeong chose second-year middle blocker Choi Yo-han. Viyena also feels the same way. He said, “Choi Yohan has made a lot of growth. He has made a lot of progress in attack, so he can be a great help to the team. A lot of fans will be surprised.”

When asked which team he wants to beat this season, Villena answered “Korean Air.” He said, “I want to show a good performance because it is my home team. I won’t be too conscious of that, but I want to win as much as possible.” He continued, “My personal goal is to have the most points. If I can do that, my team will be able to go to the playoffs.”

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