‘Wearing Ulsan,’ another ambitious project from Hyundai Mobis

Taking the first step toward settling in Ulsan, the Hyundai Mobis unveiled a special uniform to their home fans.

The Ulsan Hyundai Mobis players wore the City Edition for their 20232-2024 regular season home game against the Wonju DB at Ulsan Dongcheon Gymnasium on Friday. It was another ambitious project for the team, following the black and gold uniforms that were well-received by fans.

Hyundai Mobis signed a naming rights agreement with the city of Ulsan during its home opener on March 21. The city promised to build a dedicated practice field for the team near Dongcheon Gymnasium, which is expected to be completed in about two years. A draft design for the practice field has also been released.

Although the City Edition was held to commemorate the agreement with the city of Ulsan, a Hyundai Mobis representative said, “We’ve been planning this for about a year.” Hyundai Mobis used the city’s rose-colored background, the landmark Industrial Tower, Ulsan Bridge, and the whale, an animal that represents the city of Ulsan, to create the uniforms. Hyundai Mobis also gave away whale bread to the first 2,000 people in the audience.

The front of the jersey is emblazoned with the phrase “ULSAN THE RISING CITY,” a slogan created by the city of Ulsan to commemorate the 20th anniversary of its promotion to metropolitan city status in 2017. The slogan has a Chinese meaning of being the first city to see the sunrise from Ganjeolgot, a tourist attraction, and a city on the rise. 아톰카지노

The players aren’t the only ones wearing Ulsan colors. Since the first game of the season, the Hyundai Mobis coaching staff has worn T-shirts emblazoned with “Ulsan the Rising City”. The Hyundai Mobis have also been wearing the phrase “Ulsan, the City of Dreams” on one side of their court. As the city of Ulsan has pledged support for the team’s settlement in the city, Hyundai Mobis is also showing its connection to the city in various ways.

Although Hyundai Mobis lost an upset 79-90 against DB, they still have a chance to win with the City Edition. Hyundai Mobis will wear the City Edition in their next home game on December 3 against Goyang Sono. Hyundai Mobis will pre-sell the City Edition on the KBL Store until December 12, and on December 3, it will go on sale at Phoebus Shop.

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