What is the story of director Seo Jeong-won and Chengdu who were hurt while visiting Dalian in China?

Chengdu Rongcheng, led by head coach Seo Jeong-won, was reported to have been severely attacked by extremely excited Dalian fans while leaving for an expedition to Dalian.

Chengdu, led by coach Seo, drew without scoring in the match against Dalian Pro in the third round of the 2023 Chinese Super League, which took place at the Dalian Sports Center on the evening of the 26th. Chengdu earned 1 point from a draw on the day, and has been cruising in the early season with an undefeated run (1 win, 2 draws) in three matches since the opening of the season.

However, after the game, it seems that he suffered an unexpected defeat. According to an official statement released by Chengdu on social media on the 27th, after the game against Dalian, Dalian fans who did not understand the result of a draw were known to randomly throw foreign objects at coach Suh and other Chengdu players. It seems that about 100 fans from Chengdu were also attacked by Dalian fans.

In a statement,메이저사이트 Chengdu said: “After the match, they were assaulted for no reason. Some extremist fans even drove to chase them. Local public security is currently investigating after receiving the case. They pose a serious threat to the safety of our players and fans and cause social harm. It has had an extremely bad influence.”

He continued, “We have collected evidence of various unfair treatment and personal attacks suffered by Chengdu fans on the expedition and reported it to our club. The club will report this data to the China Football Association (CFA) and plan to file a formal complaint. China We urge the Football Association to crack down on illegal acts of violence and effectively protect the safety of players and fans.”

Meanwhile, Chengdu is set to face off against Zhejiang Pro in the 4th round of the Chinese Super League scheduled at Hangzhou Huanglong Stadium on the 30th.

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