What to do in the absence of Lee Kang-in… ‘UCL defeat + mess’ PSG, 5 players including Dembele suspended + disciplinary action without spectators

The team is in disarray without Lee Kang-in.

Britain’s BBC reported on the 7th (Korean time), “Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) received a one-game suspension for insulting an opponent’s fan by Ousmane Dembele, Kolo Muani, Levang Kurza and Ashraf Hakimi immediately after the league match against Marseille. was received,” the report reported.

Lee Kang-in joined the team after the UEFA Champions League (UCL) group stage match against Borsia Dortmund on September 20th. He played 17 minutes and joined the Korean national soccer team led by coach Hwang Seon-hong and is showing good performance in the Asian Games.

Hwang Seon-hong, who boasts the best power of all time, joined the finals with an overwhelming showing. The final opponent is Japan. This is a game that must be won without fail, as all Europeans, including the power superiority, have been summoned. In fact, the players are also shouting for a sure win.

Unlike Hwang Seon-hong’s good performance, PSG’s situation is not very good. They suffered a shock loss of 1-4 in the second match of the UCL group stage away to Newcastle토토사이트. There is additional bleeding in the league here as well. This was the aftermath of the subsequent disciplinary action against Marseille on September 25th.

On this day, PSG won 4-0 against rival Marseille without Lee Kang-in, but it was the manner they showed after the game. First, some of the PSG players were caught mocking Marseille fans by singing an insulting song. In particular, the song contained crude profanity.

Naturally, disciplinary action is inevitable. The French Ligue 1 disciplinary committee suspended Dembele, Mouani, Kurzawa and Hakimi for one future league match for provoking the opposing crowd. The players said, “We were so happy to win that we made a mistake,” and promised, “We will become an example for others in the future.”

This wasn’t the end. In the game, the PSG crowd taunted the Marseille players by singing a cheering song mixed with homophobic expressions. Because of this, Ligue 1 ordered PSG to play the next game at home without spectators.

In short, right after the Marseille match, the players and fans collaborated to commit an act of obscenity. The BBC explained, “PSG originally had two games played without spectators, but one game was ruled to be on probation. Despite these instructions, PSG is of the position that the disciplinary action is excessive. However, they will not appeal.”

Due to this disciplinary action, most of the attacking resources, including Dembele and Muani, will be absent from the match against Stade Rennes on the 9th. In addition, when Lee Kang-in returns and plays the A match, the home game against Strasbourg on the 22nd will be played without spectators.

PSG is looking a mess without Lee Kang-in. Attention is being paid to whether clues to a counterattack can be found immediately after the October international match ends.

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