Why did the patrol car go to Gungpyeong 1… Blackbox was released, but “under investigation”

Regarding the Office of Government Policy Coordination’s온라인바카라 investigation that the police were not dispatched to the scene even after receiving a 112 report right before the Osong underpass accident, the Chungbuk Provincial Police Agency issued an order to ‘control the Gungpyeong 2 underpass’ after receiving the 112 report, but refuted that the patrol car was dispatched elsewhere.

The Chungbuk Provincial Police Agency held an emergency press conference at the Chungbuk Provincial Police Agency on the afternoon of the 23rd and disclosed the black box of the 112 patrol car of the Osong police box and the measures taken before and after the disaster from 7 to 9 am on the 15th, the day of the accident. According to the released black box video, the patrol car left the Osong police box at 7:14 am on the same day, conducted activities such as traffic control and organization at Ssangcheong-ri, Gungpyeong 1 intersection, and Welfare Center, and arrived at the site of the accident, ‘Gungpyeong 2 Underpass’ at around 9:01 am.

On this day, the police said at 7:58 am on the 15th, ‘Gungpyeong underpass must be controlled, Mihocheon Bridge is about to overflow. It seems that the residents of Osong should be evacuated,’ he explained about the response to the 112 report. It is known that the report was made to the police by the supervisor of the Multifunctional Administrative City Construction Agency, which installed the temporary embankment of Mihocheongyo Bridge. In response, the police said, “It was not specified in the report at the time, but the control room worker took a picture of the Gungpyeong underpass through the location identification system and gave the Osong police box patrol car an order such as ‘control the underpass’ and ‘evacuate residents.” In the first place, the police explained that they were dispatched to the Gungpyeong 2 underpass, not the Gungpyeong 2 underpass, even after receiving a 112 report.

The police explained that at 8:08 am, the Osong patrol car passed through the Gungpyeong 1 Underpass and conducted activities such as traffic control at the Gungpyeong 1 Intersection and Ssangcheong-ri. Gungpyeong 1 Underpass and Gungpyeong 2 Underpass are 600-700m apart.

Previously, the Office for Government Policy Coordination announced the details of the inspection on the 21st, saying, “It is highly likely that the police did not mobilize anywhere in the Gungpyeong 1 and 2 underground cars. There is also a possibility that the police who were not dispatched to the scene entered false information into the 112 report processing system.” Regarding this, Chungbuk Provincial Police Agency Regional Police Chief Yoon Seong-cheol said, “At the time of the accident, I did my best, including a patrol car at the local police station, but it is not correct to point out that no action was taken or dispatched. We hope that the truth will be revealed through an accurate investigation.”

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