“Why is my family so poor?” my daughter said in response to a parent’s suggestion about the burden of school fees.

As the burden of her daughter’s tuition increased, parent A suggested cutting off one academy and going to another.

However, her daughter said, “I heard that other people spend more than 토토사이트2 million won each on academy fees,” and she said, “Why is my family so poor?”

According to an online community, Mr. A said, “My daughter grew up to be good, but she suddenly says something like that, which hurts my heart.” She said, “I’m worried whether I raised my child wrong or whether my family is poor.”

Netizens said, “I don’t understand what my daughter said, but she may have said that due to school stress and momentary frustration.” They advised, “It would be better for parents to protect their daughters and say sorry for not doing better, rather than blaming them.” .

Another netizen said, “If her daughter had a normal mind, she would know that her parents worked hard to earn money to help her study, but she can’t say such things.” “It is unfortunate that we were not able to take this into consideration,” he pointed out.

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