“Women in hanbok feel bad because they breathe the same air”… Japanese lawmaker’s ‘absurd remarks’

A decision was made to acknowledge human rights violations against a Japanese member of the National Assembly who made outrageous remarks about hanbok and the traditional clothing of the Ainu (an ethnic minority living in Japan’s Hokkaido, etc.), calling them of poor quality.

According to Kyodo News, on the 18th (local time), Osaka Legal Affairs Bureau reported that Liberal Democratic Party member of the House of Representatives (House of Representatives) Mio Sugita posted on social media ( SNS ) in 2016, “Even a woman cosplaying in a skirt and jeogori and Ainu national costume appeared. It was judged that the article posted, “It is completely out of character,” constituted a violation of human rights.

Previously, when Rep. Sugita attended the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women in 2016, she wrote this after seeing Korean-Japanese women wearing chima jeogori and women wearing Ainu costumes, the indigenous people of Hokkaido.

She also said, “I felt sick just breathing the same air. By the time I left the United Nations, I was feeling unwell.

“Rep. Sugita has been making hate speech for more than 6 years.”

Korean women living in Osaka Prefecture who attended the meeting at the time applied for human rights relief to the Osaka Legal Affairs Bureau in February and ultimately received a decision to violate human rights.

One of the Korean-Japanese women said, “Rep. Sugita has been making hateful remarks for more than six years and has no intention of changing his mind,” and added, “Some compensation, including an apology, must be made.”

Enlightenment, which is the disposition decided by the Osaka Legal Affairs Bureau against Rep. Sugita, means “making efforts to deepen respect for human rights for the people온라인카지노 involved in the case and the region.”

Regarding this decision, Rep. Sugita stated, “We already deleted and apologized for some of the acknowledged parts last year.”

Previously, the Sapporo Legal Affairs Bureau also recognized the human rights relief case filed last month by an Ainu Association member regarding the same article as a human rights violation.

In the past, harsh remarks were made about sexual minorities, saying, “They are not productive.”

Representative Sugita, who is considered to have extreme right-wing tendencies, has often been embroiled in controversy over his qualifications due to his hateful and slanderous remarks against comfort women victims and sexual minorities.

He also denied the forcible conscription of comfort women victims and claimed that an academic paper dealing with the testimony of comfort women victims was fabricated.

He caused a stir by saying that when it comes to sexual minorities, he is “unproductive.”

In 2020, he was selected as the worst sexist remark in Japan by saying, “Women (who claim sexual violence) can lie as much as they want,” meaning that many women who are victims of sexual violence make false reports.

Meanwhile, Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokad Matsuno commented on this controversy, saying, “I understand that Sugita, the political affairs officer, reflected on his past inconsiderate expressions, apologized to those who were hurt, and withdrew his remarks,” adding, “We must continue to provide explanations in the future.” He said, and started to take action.

Regarding whether he would be dismissed, he declined to say anything, saying, “I refrain from commenting on individual personnel.”

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