Woo Sang-hyuk, 2nd place in the first competition of the season with 2m33… Smooth start to the season

“Smile Jumper” Woo Sang-hyuk (27, Yongin City Hall) exceeded 2m33 in his first game of the season.

Woo Sang-hyuk ranked second with 2m33 at the 2024 World Athletics Federation Indian Tour Silver Hustopeche High Jump held at Hustopeche Sports Hall in the Czech Republic on the 11th (Korea Standard Time).

Shelby McCuan (27, U.S.), who won first place, also recorded a time of 2m33.

Both Woo Sang-hyuk and McCuan crossed the 2m33 mark in the third period.

However, Woo Sang-hyuk succeeded in the second period of 2m31, and McCuan succeeded in the first period, so the rankings were divided.

The match started from 2m06, but Woo passed all 2m06, 2m11 and 2m16 and started from 2m21.

Woo Sang-hyuk, who crossed 2m21, 2m25, and 2m28 all in the first period, crossed 2m31 in the second period.

Woo Sang-hyuk, who failed in the first and second periods after raising the bar to 2m33, enjoyed the excitement of standing on the mat and listening to the cheers of the crowd after crossing 2m33 in the third period.

Putting more emphasis on checking performance than on ranking, Woo applied for the 2m37, skipping the 2m35. The height contains his will to break the Korean indoor record of 2m36, and his aspiration to win the Paris Olympics.

“The most important competition for Woo this year is the Paris Olympics,” said Kim Do-kyun, head coach of Yongin City Hall, who is training in Europe with Woo. “We believe that the competitive height to win the Olympics is 2m37. If I have a chance, I will continue to challenge for the 2m37 before the Paris Olympics.”

McCuan, who applied for 2m35, raised the bar to 2m37 after failing in the first and second periods.

Both Woo Sang-hyuk and McCuan finished the game without crossing the 2m37 wall.

It’s encouraging to go over 2m33 in the first real game of the season.

Woo finished his first match with 2m22 in 2022 and 2m24 last year.

Woo was not satisfied with the 2m33, but it is very high for the first game of the season.

The 2m33 is also the world’s joint No. 1 record for this year’s indoor season.

Until this day, only three players, Woo Sang-hyuk, McCuan, and Daniil Lysenko of Russia, exceeded 2m33.

Woo Sang-hyuk, who finished his first game of the season safely, will play in Slovakia’s Banskavistriza Indoor Championship on the 14th and face his rival Mutaz Esa Barsim (Qatar) for the first time this year.

On the 21st, he will participate in the Czech Republic’s Nehbizdi Indoor Athletics Championships.

Woo Sang-hyuk will compete in the World Indoor Athletics Championships for the second consecutive time this month alone.

Woo Sang-hyuk will compete in the World Indoor Athletics Championships in Glasgow, Scotland, on March 3rd, wearing the armband of the defending champion. 토토사이트

At the 2022 Belgrade Games, Woo won the first major competition in Korean track and field history over 2m34.

Woo’s life goal is to win the Paris Olympics.

Woo, who is training to match his body clock to the Olympic final in Paris on Aug. 11, will return to Korea temporarily in early March to prepare for the outdoor season.

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