Word of mouth spread about Mom Cafe… The son of a pharmacy owner who made a huge hit with sales of ‘80 billion won’

Onnuri Store, now in its fourth year of business, is an emerging powerhouse먹튀검증 that stands out in the online distribution market in the health and wellness field, where ‘distribution dinosaurs’ such as CJ Olive Young and Coupang are competing. Sales, which were 52 billion won last year, are expected to increase to 80 billion won this year. Even as many e-commerce companies are struggling due to excessive infusion of external funds and accumulation of deficits due to the economic slowdown, Onnuri Store has never had a loss since its establishment. The CEO

of Onnuri Store, which has emerged as a dark horse in the e-commerce industry, is CEO Park Hyo-soo (pictured), born in 1983. He met him at the headquarters in Mok-dong, Seoul on the 27th and heard the story of his start-up and company growth. CEO Park graduated from the Department of Industrial Engineering at Seoul National University, worked at global consulting firm McKinsey & Company, and worked as a restructuring expert at Orix PE . It is a matter of weeding out a company’s insolvencies and finding competitive advantages that the company can excel at. He has been working on corporate restructuring for 7 years. CEO Park is an entrepreneur with the founder’s DNA imprinted on him. His father is Park Jong-hwa, CEO of Onnuri H&C, who launched Onnuri Pharmacy, the largest pharmacy chain in Korea, in 1991 . Onnuri Pharmacy has approximately 2,200 franchises across the country. I have often heard that CEO Park, like his father, is “a businessman by nature.” He started his first startup during his junior year of college. He went to Hanoi with 1,000 units of the product, saying he would sell English word learning machines to Vietnam, which has a high enthusiasm for education like Korea. At that time, there was a rumor going around in the Korean community in Hanoi that “a college student with a black face from Seoul was going around without food, offering to sell goods.” Until 2019, after graduating from college, he suppressed his instinct to start a business and devoted himself to his work life. It was a time when startups were at their peak in Korea. It is said that CEO Park had this thought when many startups were borrowing money from venture capital. ‘The bubble is likely to burst soon. If we can create a super growth curve with cash flow, we will be able to survive until the end.’ While waiting for the right time, he founded Onnuri Store with 50 million won in capital when many startups fell into Death Valley due to the COVID-19 outbreak. His first product was a hot pack specifically for women. After putting effort into the quality of the product, they succeeded in selling it out by spreading the word through word of mouth through mom cafes such as ‘UmAlb’. It was the first case of marketing using storytelling, one of the success equations for Onnuri Store. He reinvested the money he earned in this way into product development. In this way, CEO Park increased sales from 15 billion won in 2020, the first year of his business, to 30 billion won in 2021 and 52 billion won in 2022. Onnuri Store sells about 20 brands. CEO Park said, “I realized the fear of money while experiencing restructuring for seven years before starting the business.” “The reason most companies fall into trouble is not because they don’t have money, but sometimes because they have too much money. “If too much money is injected from outside, entrepreneurs end up doing things they cannot take responsibility for under the guise of taking on challenges.” CEO Park dreams of becoming number one in Korea in the health and wellness industry. He is also considering linking up with the Onnuri pharmacy chain run by his father. He said, “The ultimate goal is to implement an omni-channel that integrates offline and online.”

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