Yoon Eana’s diary summoned by Bang Sin-sil 

Bang Shin-sil (19) is the most talked about player by fans of the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) tour this season. He ranked 40th in the KLPGA Tour seed rankings held last year and is the owner of a ‘conditional seed’ that can only participate in some competitions, but is attracting the most attention among rookies this season. I have only participated in 4 tournaments, including the Chris F&C KLPGA Championship in April, but I can feel that the number of fans in Bangsinsil is increasing every time I go to the tournament site.

The secret to Bang Shin-sil’s popularity is his long-distance hit and aggressive course strategy. The average driving distance of KLPGA tour players is 236 yards (approximately 216m), while Bang Shin-sil has an average driving distance of 265 yards (approximately 242m). The average driving distance itself is also more than 30m farther than tour players, and Bang Shin-sil has 33 tee shots of 280 yards (approximately 256m) or more in 4 competitions. Seeing Bang Shin-sil’s play, fans all agree, “Even the viewer becomes refreshed.”

● A room that reminds me of YunaI mentioned the room because it is related to the topic I am going to talk about today. The name that fans follow when mentioning the room is Yuna (20). When I look at the room, I think of Yoon Ina. Yoon Eana, who made her tour debut last season, was the most notable rookie last season until she temporarily suspended her tour for ‘Ogu Play’.

The reason why Yuna received attention was her exciting long hit and aggressive course strategy, just like her room Sinsil. Last season, Yuna averaged 263 yards of drive, which was the best among tour players. Yoon Ina, who participated in 15 competitions last season, drove 280 yards or more 145 times. Her height is also similar, Yun Ina is 170 cm, and her roommate is 173 cm.

In this way, KLPGA tour fans are looking at the room and thinking of Yoon Ea-na. At the same time, I ask about Yuna’s current situation and wonder when she can return to tour. In the 15th hole of the first round of the DB Group 36th Korea Women’s Open held on June 16 last year, Yoon Ina played her ball with someone else’s ball, not her own, and then voluntarily did not report her qualification due to the controversy over ‘misplay’ He was sentenced to 3 years suspension.

She is now reopening social media, which she closed after the controversy, and said she trained in the US last winter. To maintain her sense of play, she also competed on mini-tours in the states of the United States. She said that she received her prize money from the contest and that she donated it to charity.

● What kind of mind did Yoon Ina feel until she voluntarily reported it?I have no intention of defending Yuna. However, 7 months have passed since her punishment, and many fans are curious about what Yunna was like at the time, even though she was self-restrained.

In Yuna’s diary, which I obtained alone, his feelings at that time remain intact. Ever since she was in middle school, Yoon Ina has kept a diary of the day’s training and emotions. He obtained his diary last year, but he did not publish it in the judgment that it could affect the level of disciplinary action because he was not disciplined.

Looking at the contents of the diary at the time of June 16 of last year, Eana Yoon wrote, “I played wrongly.” Then he said, “He shouldn’t have listened to (caddy) brother when he said it was okay and told me to just hit it… I regret it so much” and “Why couldn’t I be calm at that moment… No, why couldn’t he check the ball properly in the second… Why didn’t I say it was mine?” he wrote. From the day she played Ogu, she felt remorse for her actions.

In the diary that only you write and read, resentment toward the people around you remains. On June 23 of last year, a week after Ogoo Play, Yoon Ina said, “(Caddy) oppa is so resentful why he didn’t stop me there. I really hate it,” she wrote, “Why didn’t (coach) Pro and Dad tell me that I was wrong at the time?”

On July 3 of last year, Yoon Ea-na, who was suffering, decided to report her voluntarily. Until then, she wondered, “Maybe it’s too late to report her,” but she chose to report it voluntarily, perhaps because she felt burdened by her interest in her. Her diary entry for July 3 of last year reads, “Her first experience at Champion Joe. I was so nervous. “It’s a good experience,” she wrote, “I’m going to voluntarily report it now.” She writes down her apology the next day in her diary.

Ina Yoon’s voluntary report was carried out 12 days later. In the meantime, looking at her diary, Yoon Ina writes, “Her head hurts. I can’t see very well in front of her. “She seems to have aggravated low blood pressure,” she says. “I’m worried about what people will think.” In her diary on July 15 last year, when she self-reported, she said, “Finally, she self-reported,” and she said, “It made her feel more at ease. She feels like a heavy burden has been lifted, and now she has done what she should have done a long time ago. She should have done something that made her feel comfortable like this a long time ago.”안전놀이터

There are several opinions about her self-reporting after about a month of misplaying. There are fans who understand, and there are fans who criticize her for what she’s been up to for a long time. However, we all agree that we want to see a long hitting match between Yoon Ina and her roommate Sinsil after her punishment is over.

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