You should have given it to Romero… “I’m not selling it!” Tottenham’s “interest” rejected at once

Atalanta have no intention of sending Ederson to Tottenham Hotspur.

Tottenham is strengthening its power through the winter transfer market. They brought in Radu Dragusin from Genoa to thicken its center back Debs, and Timo Werner from Leipzig to fill Son’s vacancy. At the same time, they are also focusing their efforts on recruiting “Norway Neymar” Antonio Nusa from Brugge to prepare for the future.

Tottenham also planned to recruit additional players. It was to reinforce the midfield without Papé Mata Sarr and Yves Bissouma. In addition, rumors of Pierre-Emile Hoivier’s departure have been steadily emerging, so we had to prepare for this.

In response, Tottenham put one player on its shortlist. The main character is Atalanta’s Ederson. He belongs to the same team as Christian Romero, who currently has a position at Tottenham, but the two have never met due to different times. 헤라카지노

Ederson is a Brazilian midfielder who can play various roles in the midfield. Although the central midfielder is the main position, he has various abilities in both offense and defense, left and right sides, fullbacks, and even center backs. He has a solid physique of 183 centimeters and boasts high-quality foot skills like the Brazilian ones.

It hasn’t been long since he came to Europe. He played in the Brazilian league until the 2021 season and entered the Italian league by moving to salernitana in the second half of the 2021-22 season. Since then, he has been playing for atalanta since the 2022-23 season.

He immediately became a starting member. He had one goal and one assist in 37 games including the Cup competition in his first year of transfer, and has six goals and one assist in 29 games including the Cup competition this season.

Ederson who received Tottenham’s attention. However, Atalanta has no intention of selling him. Italian media Corriere della Serra said, “Atalanta refused to send Ederson to Tottenham during the January transfer window. Tottenham contacted Atalanta to review his availability, but they are not considering selling him. They also did not listen to any substantial offers. In early January, Newcastle United approached Ederson, but they heard the same answer as Tottenham.”

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