10 years of waiting, buds bursting with difficulty… Moon Sang-cheol’s baseball starts now

 Waiting for 10 years, finally bursting.

There is a saying that late blooming flowers are more beautiful. The important thing is how beautifully you keep the belated buds.

KT Wiz Sang-cheol Moon is making the best season of his baseball career. Moon Sang-cheol laid the foundation for a 12-7 come-from-behind victory by striking a come-from-behind two-run four in the third inning against the LG Twins held in Jamsil on the 16th. KT was shaken by giving up 4 runs in the first inning, but turned the game around by completing a big inning of 5 points without giving up in the 3rd inning. Moon Sang-cheol’s home run was decisive.

The pace is good lately. In the match against the Lotte Giants on the 12th, he hit his first home run since his debut and became the number one contributor to helping the team break its 6th consecutive victory. His batting average in the last 10 games is a whopping 4.25. 8 RBIs on 3 home runs. Even if the range is widened to the entire season, the batting average is still 30.5%.

Founded in 2014, KT. At the time, through special nominations, we were able to secure many promising players at once. Among them, there are players who have grown into the main pillars of the team, and there are players who have been forgotten early. This is a case where Moon Sang-cheol was specially nominated with the expectation that he could grow into a great gun for the team at the time. During his time at Korea University, he was a player with extraordinary long hitting power.

But the professional world was harsh. Even if he had good strength, he couldn’t survive if his contact skills were poor. In addition, Moon Sang-cheol was a third baseman, but he had a fatal weakness in defense. He was also capable of first base, but his batting average was too low to step up to first base. In the end, he couldn’t do this or that, and when there were pinch hitters or injured soldiers, he had to spend his years filling the vacant position in the first team.카지노사이트

He himself struggled to survive. The most famous one is catching up with the retired ‘Legend’ Kim Tae-gyun. The batting form for the 2020 season was the same as Kim Tae-gyun, and he focused on improving his contact skills. I mustered up the courage to contact Kim Tae-gyun, who had no special relationship, and asked. At that time, Kim Tae-gyun also kindly helped Moon Sang-cheol. He played 74 games, the most, and that was a career high season. He hit 8 home runs.

KT also did not give up on Moon Sang-cheol. It was because there was an expectation that the talent and power that you had could explode someday. And although this season was a crisis for KT, it became an opportunity for Moon Sang-cheol. Line injuries to key players such as Park Byeong-ho and Hwang Jae-gyun. Director Lee Kang-cheol had no choice but to use Moon Sang-cheol. I started getting opportunities in mid-April. Although the result was not very good, it was an opportunity for the player to feel relieved thinking, ‘Even if I can’t do it here, I will have another chance next time’.

And the effect was visible from the beginning of May. In the match against SSG Landers on the 3rd, he had 4 hits, and in the match against SSG on the 4th, he recorded another multi-hit. When a player seizes this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, he can gain his confidence and show off his talent to the fullest. Out of 10 games played in May, there was only one game in which he failed to hit. That means it feels good.

A professional player becomes a main player in such an accidental opportunity and rises as a star. He plays so well, but there is no reason for coach Lee to suddenly remove Moon Sang-cheol. Now, whether or not you can turn this opportunity into a bigger ‘jackpot’ is up to you.

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