EPL teams who kicked ‘good fortune’ Kim Min-jae regret after hitting the ground “KIM resembles a typical PL player, Van Dyke”

Former Everton scout Carlo Giacomucci regretted not being able to sign with ‘Iron Pillar’ Kim Min-jae (27, Naples).

In an interview with Italian radio ‘Marte’ on the 17th (hereinafter referred to as Korean market), Giacomucci said, “Is Kim Min-jae the next player to be recruited from Manchester United? Everton has already obtained all of Kim Min-jae’s videos. Everton have been checking on Kim Min-jae for a while.” said.

He added, “Kim Min-jae was noticed in Turkey, but there were doubts about the funding to recruit Kim Min-jae in the English Premier League.”

He also said, “After recapturing the Scudetto (winning Serie A) in Naples, Min-jae Kim showed that he had reached an enviable level of performance. Min-jae Kim can do everything, and I can’t help but like him in England.”

He said, “Kim Min-jae is a player who typically fits the Premier League. He resembles Liverpool’s Virgil van Dijk, for example.”

Kim Min-jae changed to the Napoli uniform from Fenerbahce last summer. The transfer fee incurred at the time was 18.1 million euros (approximately 26.3 billion won). At the time, it was reported that Everton evaluated Kim Min-jae’s buyout price of 17 million pounds (approximately 26.5 billion won) and offered him a scout. Coach Frank Lampard, who was holding the baton of Everton, also agreed that it was essential to recruit a defender. However, in fact, the truth revealed after a year was different. Everton did not invest in the uncertainty of Kim Min-jae’s success.토스카지노

It was the same for Tottenham and West Ham that did not see the true value of Kim Min-jae. Tottenham was able to recruit Kim Min-jae when he was a member of Beijing Guoan, China. It was only two years ago. Coach Jose Mourinho, who was the Tottenham command tower at the time, even had a video call with Kim Min-jae and actively wanted to recruit him. However, he did not invest 3 million euros (approximately 4.3 billion won), so he had to watch Fenerbahce snatch Kim Min-jae.

West Ham also failed to recruit Kim Min-jae due to manager David Moyes’ misjudgment. Kim Min-jae was a player who could have been recruited two years ago, but coach Moyes rejected it. Regarding this, British media Hammers News emphasized, “(Rejecting Kim Min-jae) was a terrible mistake,” and “If Manchester United recruits Kim Min-jae, Moyes’ mistake two years ago will receive tremendous attention.”

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