110,000 mask packs sold for ‘unauthorized use of BTS photos’

Trademark infringers who illegally used K- brand안전놀이터 trademarks such as the group BTS and Samsung Electronics were caught by customs one after another . Incheon Customs announced on the 16th that it had booked without detention three people, including the representative of a cosmetics manufacturer, Mr. A (56), and three company corporations on charges of violating the trademark law, and sent them to the prosecution. Mr. A and others are accused of manufacturing 8 BTS photos and 110,000 mask packs with trademarks without permission for one year from April 2020 to April 2021, and then exporting them overseas or distributing them in Korea. Hive Co., Ltd., a BTS agency, confirmed the theft of photos and trademarks and sent a proof of contents requesting to stop manufacturing and distributing mask packs, but it was found that they continued to commit the crime . It was confirmed that the contract secured by the customs seizure and search of Mr. A’s office was to produce an additional 250 million BTS mask packs (market value of 625 billion won based on genuine products) and export them all over the world.

Incheon Customs also booked without detention the representative of a shopping mall seller, Mr. B (30), on charges of violating the Customs Act and sent him to the prosecution.

From August 2021 to May this year, Mr. B smuggled 95,000 chargers and cables (market value: 850 million won) from China with the Samsung Electronics trademark on 10 occasions without permission, and sold them in Korea through the Internet open market. are accused of distributing

It was investigated that Mr. B hid a charger stolen from Samsung Electronics inside a sofa and fitness equipment, and sold a 4,000 won charger for 16,000 won, four times the price.

Customs explained that the charger smuggled by Mr. B and others does not receive the safety certification required when importing into Korea, so there is a risk of explosion due to overheating in the process of use. An official from Incheon Customs said, “As the ‘idol goods’ market has grown rapidly recently, the registered trademarks of K-

pop groups have a very high value of protection. ” said.

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