“Come with me”… Fraudulent mother murders two daughters, survives alone

A 12-year prison sentence has been confirmed for the mother who lost all her property through fraud and killed her two daughters saying, “Let’s end our lives together.”

According to the court on the 14th, the first division of the Supreme Court (Presiding Judge Noh Tae-ak) dismissed the appeal of Mr. A, who was charged with murder and consent killing on the 27th of last month, and confirmed the original judgment that sentenced him to 12 years in prison. The judge said, “The lower court did not make a mistake in misunderstanding the legal principles regarding the establishment of the crime of consent murder.”

Mr. A, who lived in Gwangju Metropolitan City, killed토토사이트 two of her biological daughters in Damyang-gun, Jeollanam-do at around 2 am on March 9 last year. Mr. A suffocated Miss C (17) in a car driven by her eldest daughter Mr. B (24, age at the time of the incident), causing her to die.

Mr. A killed her Miss C, and about 10 minutes later, had her car parked in her vacant lot and then killed Ms. B in the same way. It was investigated that Mr. A cut the wrists of her two daughters with her weapon prepared in advance in case her two daughters would not suffocate.

At the end of February of the same year, Mr. A lost her entire fortune of about 400 million won due to investment fraud by a 20-year-old friend, and decided that it would be difficult to maintain her livelihood. I made a plan to make a choice.

Mr. A shared this plan with only her Mr. B in advance and received her consent. Ms. C heard this plan in the car on the day of the incident and expressed her intention to “don’t want to die”, but it was investigated that she agreed with her mother’s will in the end.

The first trial court found Mr. A guilty of murder and sentenced him to 12 years in prison. The judge said, “It seems that Mr. A committed this case in despair that it was difficult to take responsibility for the victims he had taken care of with great care, but the victims, who were adults or close to adults, were deprived of the opportunity to live their lives on their own.” It is difficult to justify with excuses, and the guilt is indescribable.”

“However, the fact that Mr. A has never been punished for a crime, that he had deep affection for his daughters even at the moment of his death, and that his husband, relatives, and acquaintances pleaded for mercy several times. The sentence was decided in consideration of the obvious points,” he added.

The second trial (central trial), the appeals court, also upheld the sentence of the first trial. However, for the act of killing her eldest daughter, Mr. B, instead of murder, the prosecution applied the consent murder charge as a preliminary indictment. Regarding the crime of killing Miss C, he pleaded guilty to murder. Under the Criminal Act, the crime of murder with consent applies to a person who commits murder with the request or consent of the person to be killed. The statutory penalty for murder with consent is between 1 year and 10 years in prison.

The Supreme Court judge said, “When examining various sentencing conditions, such as Mr. A’s age, sex, environment, relationship with the victims, and motive, means, and result of the crime, the 12-year prison term sentenced by the lower court cannot be said to be very unreasonable.” .

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