2004 ‘Curse of the Bambino’ dismantled, reproduced in the NBA? Boston DNA knows

What you hoped for may happen. Boston is aiming for the first reverse sweep in NBA playoff history. It is possible to reproduce the history of the unique reverse sweep that the Boston Red Sox of Major League Baseball wrote in 2004.

The Boston Celtics won 110-97 in Game 6 of the Eastern Finals against the 2023 NBA Playoffs Miami Heat held at Boston TD Garden on the 26th (hereinafter Korean time).

Boston, which took a 15-point lead from the first quarter, maintained a comfortable lead over Miami throughout the day and finished the game with a complete victory.

Boston suffered from a scoring drought, averaging only 104.5 points in the second and third games. However, in the 4th and 5th games, they bombed more than 110 points side by side (116 points, 110 points) and won by an average of 14.5 points.

Boston is aiming for the first reverse sweep in NBA playoff history.

There have been 150 cases in which a team has gone 3-0 in an NBA best-of-seven playoff series. And in all of these 150 cases, the team that won three straight wins first finished the series with a victory.

In other words, there has never been a 4-game reverse sweep in NBA playoff history.

There is a good chance that Boston will write history first.

First of all, Boston and Miami’s eastern finals series was a series in which Boston’s clear advantage was predicted. This is because Miami was the 8th seed, with Tyler Hiro and Victor Oladipo leaving due to injuries, and Boston was the ‘top dog’ that reached the East Finals without major injuries.

Looking at objective history alone, it wouldn’t be strange if Boston won all the remaining two games of the series. Even in Miami, starting guard Gabe Vincent missed Game 5 due to an ankle injury, and Kevin Love is also playing with an ankle injury. If you only catch Game 6 at Miami’s home, the Kaseya Center, Boston’s chances of returning to TD Garden and achieving the first-ever reverse sweep in Game 7 will increase.

Boston sports fans already remember experiencing the history of the greatest reverse sweep ever. It was a back-and-forth at the 2004 Major League Baseball postseason American League Championship.

The Red Sox, who met their rival New York Yankees at the time, suffered three straight losses at the start of the series and were in danger of being eliminated, but later showed their potential to overturn the series with four consecutive wins. This was also the first reverse sweep in major league postseason history. Even after that, there has been no case of a successful reverse sweep in the major leagues after three straight losses. The 2004 Red Sox is a unique case.스포츠토토

Boston, which went up to the World Series by defeating the Yankees, continued its momentum and defeated St. Louis, winning the championship for the first time in 86 years and succeeding in lifting the ‘Curse of the Bambino’.

Boston, which did the first 4-out-of-7 reverse sweep in the major leagues, could become the protagonist of the first 4-out-of-7 reverse sweep in the NBA.

First of all, Boston must win Game 6 on the road. Game 6 will be held on the 28th.

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