‘203cm tallest MB’, a 22-year-old Taiwanese youth said… “Korean volleyball is strong and strong” 

“Korean volleyball, the power is strong and strong.”

In Jeju Island, the 2023 KOVO Men’s Asian Quarter Tryout is being held. While it started on the 25th, the draft will be held on the 27th.

Managers and coaching staff from the 7 clubs confirmed the characteristics of the 24 players through two practice games and separate interviews, and clearly checked what kind of players they were.

Among the 24 players, there is a player who caught the attention of many people. It is the 203cm middle blocker Chai Peichang. Tsai Peichang is the tallest player in this tryout. He has continued his playing career in the Taiwan league, and was named the best middle blocker in the Taiwan league last season.

He showed his presence at height even in practice matches. It’s Chai Peiqiang who has already been named to several teams’ pick-up lists.

Tsai Feichang, whom we met on the 26th, said, “The day before, we had to play as soon as we got off the plane. Also, it was a situation where the court adaptation was less. But today, I seem to have adapted to some extent and showed good performance.”

At 203cm, the tall middle blocker is attractive. There is a prejudice that he is slow, but he can never ignore the intimidation of his 203cm height. That’s why clubs are interested.

Cai Feiqiang said, “I grew up when I was 17 or 18. He’s not genetically tall. My parents are in the 170cm range,” he said.스포츠토토

Are you interested in Korean volleyball?

He said, “There are a few Korean players I got to know while playing in international youth competitions. He knows Korea Electric Power Libero Jang Ji-won, and is also interested in Hyundai Capital Moon Seong-min.”

“I’ve seen the V-League, but not a lot. However, when I saw it, I think Korean volleyball is strong and strong.”

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