2nd gun with ‘golf swing’… “Let’s put on the green jacket”

San Diego player Kim Ha-seong hit his second home run of the season with a golf swing like a stunt. It was even said that Ha-seong Kim should wear the green jacket given to the winner of the Masters, a major golf tournament that ended today (10th).

This is reporter Lee Seong-hoon.


In the 2nd inning against Atlanta, Kim Ha-seong, who raised the feeling of hitting with a timely double hitting the left-middle fence, directed Jin Gi-myeong-ki in the 3rd at-bat in the 5th inning.

He scooped up a breaking ball that fell far below the strike zone like playing golf, and it flew 110 meters past the left fielder’s glove and over the fence.

Exclamations poured in for a home run that hit a ball 25 cm high, the lowest this season and the fifth lowest since 2015 when related data were measured.

[That’s a golf shot. I think I hit it properly with a 2 iron.]

The San Diego club’s SNS wittily expressed that they should wear the ‘green jacket’ worn by the winner of the Masters Golf, which ended today, to Ha-seong Kim.

Kim Ha-sung’s performance also shone in defense.

He caught Acuna’s grounder in a no-out 2-3 base crisis in the fifth inning and threw to third base instead of first to catch out a runner on second base.안전놀이터

He had a brilliant sense of discerning the movement of a runner on second base who was late for fear of being caught by the pitcher.

Amidst Kim Ha-sung’s outstanding performance on offense and defense, San Diego won 10-2 and won three consecutive victories.

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