‘Again 2018!’ Daegu FC taking the first step in the FA Cup… how far will i go

Professional football Daegu FC jumps into the ‘2023 Hana One Q Korea Football Association (FA) Cup’ to cover the king of domestic football. As they have consistently performed well in the FA Cup recently, we are looking forward to a good performance this year as well.

Daegu will play the FA Cup 3rd round home game against Cheonan City FC of the K League 2 at 7:00 pm on the 12th. This is Daegu’s first FA Cup match this season.

The FA Cup, organized by the Korea Football Association, is a competition to determine the best soccer club in Korea that year, covering both professionals and amateurs. Founded in 1996, it has been running for 27 years this year.

In this competition, amateur and semi-professional clubs participate from the 1st and 2nd rounds according to the allocated tickets, K League 2 professional teams from the 2nd round, and K League 1 teams from the 3rd round. Clubs participating in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Champions League (ACL) will participate from the round of 16.

The FA Cup has a special meaning for Daegu. This is because they tasted their first major championship victory in the FA Cup in 2018. At that time, Daegu, which faced Ulsan Hyundai in the final, wrote a new history for the club with a total of 5-1 victory in the first and second games. Since then, it has shown a relatively strong appearance in the FA Cup, with achievements such as runner-up in 2021 and advancing to the semifinals last year.

However, from the point of view of a first division team that has to digest a tight game schedule, the FA Cup is not a burden. Until the final, it is a ‘guillotine match’, so if the match is not reached within regular time, an overtime period must be played. The higher the height, the greater the risk of injury and loss of fitness. It is even more so in Daegu, which does not already have a strong squad.

However, the FA Cup comes with attractive prizes. It is the ACL ticket, which is also Daegu’s goal this season. The ACL qualification is given by winning the FA Cup or finishing the league in the top three. From Daegu’s point of view, winning the FA Cup,메이저사이트 which ends in five games, is a more realistic approach than finishing third in the league.

Daegu’s first opponent is not bad. Cheonan City FC, a new team, has lost 6 games in a row since the opening of the K-League 2, and is at the bottom of the 13 K-League 2 teams. If you’re not vigilant, you seem to be able to subdue it enough.

Meanwhile, the K-League 2 Kimcheon Sangmu Professional Football Team will also play the third round of the FA Cup against Seongnam FC at Gimcheon Sports Complex at 7:00 pm on the same day.

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