3 consecutive wins’ Ulsan vs ‘First win report’ Suwon FC…K League 1 Round 4 Preview

Ulsan Hyundai, who is on a three-game winning streak, and Suwon FC, who reported their first win, face each other.

□ Match of Round – ‘League Leading’ Ulsan VS ‘Strike Streak Challenge’ Suwon FC

○ Ulsan leads the league with 3 straight wins after opening

○ Various players such as Eom Won-sang (2 goals), Lee Chung-yong, Rubikson, Joo Min-gyu (1 goal) scored Startup

⇒ Joo Min-gyu scored his first goal after moving to Ulsan this season in the match against Seoul in 3R

○ K-League 1 1-3R,안전놀이터 Kim Young-kwon ranked 1st in intercepts (21 times), Jung Seung-hyun 2nd in clears (45 times), etc. The defense also performed well

⇒ From the beginning of the season ○ Suwon

FC won the 3R Suwon Derby 2:1, winning its first win of the season

⇒ Murillo scored in 2 consecutive games and recorded multiple assists in Las 3R, etc. Foreign players have been active since the beginning of the season

○ Suwon FC Ras recorded 100 personal career trips against Pohang in the last 2R

⇒ Season 20 (6 goals, 3 assists), season 21 (18 goals, 6 assists), season 22 (8 goals, 7 assists),

etc. Ulsan and Suwon FC, the first match of the season in a good atmosphere, who wins?

⇒ Both teams have a total of 8 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss, with Ulsan dominance

⇒ Ulsan, 2021.07.25. 5 consecutive wins against Suwon FC after losing 2:5

□ Team of Round – Jeju is challenging for the first win of the season

○ Jeju has yet to win with 2 draws and 1 loss after the opening, poor scoring ability, recording only 1 goal in 3 matches ⇒

Key resources including Captain Young-Jun Choi, Chang-Min Lee, Chae-Min Lim, and Seong-Wook Jin Jin Bad news due to line injury

○ Hays-Yuri, the Brazilian duo recruited this season, teamed up for the first goal in the 2R match against Daegu (Heise scored, Yuri assisted)

⇒ In the match against Incheon in the 3rd round, they failed to create an offensive point, but both players started and performed well

⇒ In the future, Jeju’s offense will survive only when Hayes and Yuri’s scorers come alive.

○ Jeju’s Koo Ja-cheol recorded a total of 100 appearances against Incheon in 3R

⇒ Last season, he played 9 games due to injury, and played all games after the opening of this season

○ First victory Jeju’s desperate 4R opponent is Seoul, Jeju is 2018.08.04. After losing 0:3, Seoul

has been undefeated in 10 consecutive matches (7 wins, 3 draws)

⇒ The total record of both teams is 61 wins, 55 draws and 51 losses, and Seoul dominates

□ Player of Round – Kim Jong-woo, the new owner of Pohang midfield

○ Kim Jong-woo started in all matches after moving to Pohang this season and looked good

⇒ Ranked 4th overall in K-League 1 with 245 1-3R passes, with a high pass success rate (91%)

Good indicators in major pass data, including 1st place in key pass (4 times) in the team ⇒ Short passes, constant movement, acting as a link between the air and defense , erasing concerns

about Shin Jin-ho’s vacancy this season ○ New combination of Pohang midfielder Thanks to the good teamwork between Kim Jong-woo and Oberdan, Pohang has 2 wins and 1 draw since the opening ○ Pohang’s 4R opponent is Gangwon, Gangwon has no win this season with 1 draw and 2 losses ⇒ Both teams have a total record of 16 wins, 8 draws and 6 losses, Pohang has the upper hand , 7 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss in the last 10 matches ⇒ Pohang is 2021.09.29. After losing 0:1, they are undefeated in 5 matches against Gangwon (4 wins , 1 draw ) March 18th Sat 14:00 Pohang Steel Yard, JTBC G&S) Gwangju: Incheon (March 18th Sat 14:00 Gwangju Soccer Stadium, IB SPORTS) Jeju: Seoul (March 18th Sat 16:30 Jeju World Cup Stadium, skySports) Daegu: Jeonbuk (March 19, Sun 14:00 DGB Daegu Bank Park, JTBC G&S)

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