“A jersey in a SF uniform? A terrible idea” The director was nervous about leaving

Should I say it feels like being beaten by an unrequited love who never won his heart? Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees throws a shot at his hometown team, the San Francisco Giants.

In the opening match against San Francisco held at Yankee Stadium on the 31st (Korean time), Judge led the team to a 5-0 victory with 2 hits, 2 RBIs and 1 run in 4 at-bats, including a solo home run in the final.

On the other line, the judge and starter Gerrit Cole shone on the mound. Cole blocked the San Francisco lineup with 3 hits and no runs through overwhelming pitching, striking out 11 in 6 innings, and became the winning pitcher in the opening game.

Judge’s home run came in his first at-bat. Judge, who played as center fielder number 2, hit the sinker in the middle of the 92 mile second pitch of opponent starter Logan Webb in the bottom of the first inning with no runners, and connected it with an arch that slightly crossed the middle wall, the deepest in Yankee Stadium. With a launch angle of 28 degrees, an exit speed of 109.3 miles, and a distance of 422 feet, it was recorded as the first home run of the entire major league season.

In addition, Judge added a point by hitting a heavy hit in the 7th inning with 2 outs and 1st and 2nd bases leading 4-0.

San Francisco is a club that struggled to sign a free agent jersey last winter. Judge met with Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner shortly after the free agent market opened and had his first negotiations and agreed on rough terms for a renewal contract. It was 8 years and 320 million dollars. Judge has long stated that he wants to play for the Yankees.

He needs to hear from other teams too, so he took a plane and flew west to hear an offer from San Francisco, close to his hometown. He visited Oracle Park, toured the clubhouse and batting cage, and entered into negotiations. CEO Larry Bear, president Paran Zaidi, and head coach Gabe Kapler all mobilized the Giants club’s leadership. Judge is from Linden, California, and Oracle Park is only two hours from there. He is said to have been a huge fan of Barry Bonds and Rich Orillia as a child.

The Giants offered 9 years, $360 million. His $40 million annual average was the same as the Yankees’, but his contract was one year longer. Jersey agent Paige Odle called Steinbrenner to discuss the terms with the Giants, and after renegotiations were offered the same terms.

After deciding to stay with the Yankees, Judge also visited the San Diego Padres and was offered $414 million for 14 years, but San Diego was not a very attractive club to Judge, who had no intention of leaving the Yankees in the first place.

After winning the opening game on the day, Judge said, “I didn’t want to go anywhere else. At first, I said quite a bit. happy,” he said.

“I talked to Judge yesterday,” Yankees manager Aaron Boone said.먹튀검증 “The Giants (who came to New York for the Opening Day) would have been in town, but the most depressing thing for me last winter was when I thought he might not be back.” “I pictured him standing on the third base line in a Giants uniform before Opening Day, and it was a terrible idea.”

Director Boone continued, “It’s great that Judge is still where he was. This time as captain, he’s been able to finish his incredible career here. I’m grateful to be able to continue working as his manager.”

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