‘Slow Starter’ Chungnam Asan, started… Anyang’s ‘3rd consecutive win’ challenge

Chungnam Asan FC, a slow starter, started. With the upcoming victory over Anyang, they will go on a three-game winning streak.

Chungnam Asan will play the 5th round of ‘Hanawon Q K League 2 2023’ with FC Anyang at Anyang Sports Complex on April 1 at 1:30 pm. 

Chungnam-Asan was on the rise. On the 29th, the 2023 Hana One Q FA Cup 2nd round Jeonju Citizen Soccer Team won 2-0 and achieved two consecutive victories in the official game. I got quite a bit from winning the FA Cup. Since it was a midweek game, a bold rotation was started, and new vitality was found by arranging the stamina of existing players and tasting goals by Kim Hye-seong and Kim Min-seok.

Using the FA Cup victory as a bridgehead, we are determined to win the upcoming match against Anyang. Chungnam-Asan continued its good performance in the league after winning the second round of the FA Cup. After winning the Goyang Citizen Soccer Team in the 2021 season, they defeated Gyeongnam FC and Seoul E-Land in turn in the league.

The momentum of Anyang is also not easy.토토사이트 After 4 rounds, they are currently in 3rd place and above all, they are on an undefeated streak with 2 wins and 2 draws. Kim Kyung-joong and Accosti, who were key resources until last season, left, but this season Jonathan scored 4 goals and ranked first, and recruited high-quality resources such as Koo Dae-young and Kim Jung-min to maintain a solid squad.

However, Chungnam-Asan is determined not to back down easily based on a solid shield. Starting with Seongnam in the 3rd round, Cheonan City in the 4th round, and Jeonju Citizens in the 2nd round of the FA Cup, the scoreless march has continued. Jang Joon-young plays a key role in stabilizing the defense. In particular, in the last 4th round against Cheonan City, the team recorded the most successful aerial ball contests (7 times) and the most clears (17 times), joining the team and acting as the vanguard of the scoreless march.

Coach Park Dong-hyuk, ahead of the match against Anyang, said, “The FA Cup victory has created an atmosphere where we can do well in the next league match. I will do my best to give it to you.”

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