Adverb for winning the championship→case of failed trade→impregnable wall to replace the save king. 1 win, 2 years old, 1 hole in May. Rise = win. Now as a success story…

Guarded the back door when the team needed it most. When it first came, it was called the winning contract, but the LG Twins, which was cited as a ‘trade failure case’ for two years due to injury, are being re-evaluated this season as a reliable winning team.

Ham Deok-joo, who wore an LG uniform due to the trade with Yang Seok-hwan, is showing a clear presence in the LG bullpen, which is in crisis as Woo-seok Koh leaves.

As Ko Woo-seok was excluded from the entry on the 1st due to back pain, the LG bullpen took an emergency. Jung Woo-young, who was the hold king last season with 35 holds, and Lee Jeong-yong, who came in 7th with 22 holds, could block the back door, but both of them were adjusting in a sluggish situation, so they could not leave the finishing position.

In response, LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop conceived of a collective finishing system. Considering the situation, the condition of the pitchers, and the batting order, it was decided to operate the bullpen. He didn’t anchor a single finisher.

The first finisher after Go Woo-seok was absent was Ham Deok-joo. Ko Woo-seok was left out of the entry and the opportunity to finish came the next day, the 2nd. In the bottom of the 9th inning, with a 5-3 lead against the Changwon NC Dinos, Ham Deok-joo came up, and he was in danger of 1 out and 1st and 2nd base due to a hit due to an error, but he struck out Hyung-jun Yoon and treated Se-hyeok Park with a shortstop fly to keep the victory by 2 points. It was Ham Deok-joo’s first save after transferring to LG.

Ham Deok-joo became the winning pitcher against the Jamsil Kiwoom Heroes on the 9th. When Park Dong-won’s dramatic home run at the end of the 8th inning went into overtime at 4-4, Ham Deok-joo came up in the top of the 10th inning and subdued Kiwoom’s Hyung-jong Lee, Hye-sung Kim and Russell in turn, and at the end of the 10th, Shin Min-jae’s final hit won the game 5-4 and Ham Deok-ju won. victory is back

Then, on the 11th, against Kiwoom, he took the mound in the beginning of the 8th inning with a 1-0 lead, and won the hold by eliminating Lee Jung-hoo, Lee Won-seok, and Kim Hye-seong, and on the 14th, Samsung Electronics took the mound with 2 out and 1 base at the end of the 8th inning, leading by 6-5, 1 point, and won 1⅓ innings. and made a second save.

In May, he recorded 1 win, 2 saves, and 1 hold in 4 appearances, all of which kept the team victorious. He allowed just one hit in 4⅓ innings, striking out four walks and giving up four runs.

He appeared in 19 games this season and showed good performances with 2 wins, 2 saves, 5 holds, and an ERA of 2.08.토토사이트

As Yang Seok-hwan was traded ahead of the 2021 season, expectations were raised as a winning contract that would help LG start and bullpen, but due to an injury for two years, he could not play a significant role. Ham Deok-joo was labeled a ‘trade failure case’. However, this season Ham Deok-joo is definitely throwing the ball he expected with a healthy body. He became a fixer who did that role when he needed it most.

Now, the perception is clearly changing as a successful trade case.

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