Morant, bought again in two months… Punished for bragging about guns on social media

 Morant (Memphis Grizzlies), who was suspended for posting a video of himself possessing a firearm on social media last March, caused the same problem again two months later.

The Memphis team announced on the 15th (Korean time), “We are aware of the SNS video related to Morant. While waiting for the review by the NBA Secretariat, Morant was suspended from participating in all club activities.”

A video of Morant posing with a gun in the passenger seat was circulated on the 14th, causing controversy. This appearance was captured in a video uploaded live by Morant’s acquaintance on his SNS. This now-deleted video spread quickly.

This isn’t the first time Morant has been accused of gun possession. In March, he also caused controversy by live-streaming a handgun in a nightclub through his social media, and was suspended for 8 games by the NBA Secretariat.토토사이트

At the time, after the disciplinary action was lifted, Morant promised to reform, saying, “I got another chance. It’s entirely up to me whether I can fix everything,” but this accident made that promise an empty flame.

The NBA Secretariat said it had launched an investigation into Morant’s accident, saying it was “collecting relevant information.”

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