After filming Jeju and Hawaii, we went to Gimhae… Hwang Yoo-min, who runs without rest, “I gain a lot”

“I want to play the best golf I can. Continuing the atmosphere of the previous competition, I hope the result will be a win this time.” He was about to catch his breath, but 20-year-old Hwang Yu-min headed straight to the next tournament. From Jeju to Hawaii, and this time to Gimhae, Gyeongsangnam-do.

Hwang Yoo-min will participate in the Korea Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour Nexen Saint Nine Masters (total prize money of 800 million won) held for three days at Gaya CC (par 72) in Gimhae from the 21st. Hwang Yoo-min, whom I met at the competition site on the 20th, was asked about his determination to participate in this tournament, and he said, “I won.” It was the answer he came to after thinking for a long time.

Hwang Yu-min participated as an invited player at the Lotte Championship of the LPGA Tour held in Hawaii last week. She showed off her presence even though she held the previous tournament in Jeju and headed to Hawaii in a hurry. On the first day of the tournament, Hwang Yu-min, who drew attention with an average driver shot of 300 yards, finished tied for 9th place. In her first LPGA Tour event, she easily finished in the top 10. Hwang Yoo-min said, “It was a tournament where I really gained a lot, but personally, I was disappointed.” Instead, he came with the realization of what kind of practice he needed to do,” he said.

Fatigue can build up from long-distance travel,안전놀이터but Hwang Yu-min doesn’t seem to care. Participation in the Nexen competition was already planned before the season started. Hwang Yoo-min said, “I looked back at the practice rounds on this course before the start of this season,” and “But I thought, ‘This course seems to fit well.’” At the same time, he said, “I feel comfortable and easy to tee shot. In particular, I decided to participate because it felt similar to Suwon CC, which I like.”

The Nexen Saint Nine Masters is the best course for Hwang Yu-min to seek his first win. The length of the Gaya CC course, where the tournament is held, is 6818 yards, the longest among the KLPGA Tour tournament courses this season. The fairways are also wide, which is good for long hitters. Hwang Yoo-min is running the 1st place (257.96 yards) in drive shot distance on the KLPGA Tour this season. Rookie Hwang Yoo-min is looking at the title of ‘Queen of Gaya’

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