MLB pitcher Scherzer suspended for 10 games for allegedly using a foreign object

Major League Baseball (MLB) special pitcher Max Scherzer (38, New York Mets), who was ejected for allegedly using a foreign substance while pitching, was suspended for 10 games.

American media such as and ESPN reported on the 21st (Korean time) that the MLB Secretariat imposed a 10-game ban and a fine on Scherzer at the same time.

During a game against the Los Angeles Dodgers the previous day, Scherzer was ejected after being found to have used a foreign object during an umpire’s glove inspection.

Scherzer strongly denied that it was ‘just rosin’, but the judges judged it to be a foreign substance that was banned from use.

In this game, the umpire who inspected Scherzer’s glove for the first time in the bottom of the second inning ordered Scherzer to change his glove.

Before the end of the 4th inning, the umpire inspected Scherzer’s glove again the moment he got on the mound, checked for foreign substances, and ordered him to leave without mercy.

The MLB Secretariat explained, “Even though we warned Scherzer at the beginning of the game, including equipment replacement, it turned out that Scherzer violated the foreign substance rule prohibited by baseball rules.”

Scherzer is the third pitcher to have been disciplined since June 2021, when the MLB Secretariat began intensively cracking down on the use of foreign substances by pitchers, following Hector Santiago (Seattle Mariners) and Caleb Smith (Arizona Diamondbacks, more than 2021). Santiago and Smith were also given 10 game bans.

Scherzer’s side insisted that no foreign substance was used, saying that the combination of sweat and rosin created a sticky substance on the glove.메이저사이트

In particular, he complained that the MLB Secretariat did not provide numerical values ​​for the violation standards for sticky substances and did not explain which substances were foreign substances.

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