“Answer Kim Bum-soo, job anxiety”… Kakao Labor Union delivered a letter of protest on the 26th 

The Kakao Labor Union took a collective action to condemn the recent restructuring of its subsidiaries and demand job security. In particular, the union demanded an apology from Kim Beom-soo, founder and head of the Future Initiative Center, for a series of recent management failures.

On the 26th, the Kakao Branch of the National Chemical Fiber Food Industry Labor Union (hereinafter referred to as the Kakao Labor Union) held in the area of ​​Pangyo Station, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, ‘The first action of the Kakao community to condemn irresponsible management and relieve employment anxiety. Save the cacao’ rally was held.

Members of about 10 Kakao affiliates, including Kakao, Kakao Games, Kakao Bank, Kakao Enterprise, and Kakao Entertainment, attended the rally held during lunchtime. Police estimate that about 200 people attended the rally. The union estimates the total number of participants to be over 300.

The Kakao labor union raised its voice, saying that while the current employees are suffering the damage from the recent business failures of the Kakao community, the management is avoiding responsibility.

In particular, strong criticism was raised against the recent business restructuring and restructuring of Kakao Enterprise.

Oh Chi-moon, senior vice president of Kakao Labor Union, said메이저사이트, “I know that the company has to endure pain when it gets difficult, but the pain shouldn’t be passed on only to the employees.” He left (the position of representative) without permission, and he is still robbing the company’s barn through an advisory contract.”

Baek resigned as CEO of Kakao Enterprise in May, taking responsibility for the failure to attract additional investment. However, it was recently confirmed that he is still with the company as an advisor.

Vice-Chairman Oh emphasized that the responsibility of Center Director Beom-soo Kim was great in this situation. Although Kakao Enterprise is an important affiliate responsible for future food such as group infrastructure business, artificial intelligence (AI), and cloud, it is pointed out that the process for appointing a representative was not transparent.

He criticized, “I appointed an unqualified representative to Kim Beom-soo, and demanded responsibility for bringing out unprepared crews (Kakao community employees), but he remained silent.”

The Kakao Labor Union emphasized that a similar situation could be repeated if structural problems within the Kakao community are not improved.

In fact, Kakao affiliates have recently undergone restructuring, leading to an employment crisis for workers. In June, Kakao Entertainment conducted an voluntary retirement program called the “Next Chapter Program (NCP).” Kakao Enterprise has been receiving voluntary retirement since the 17th. The grandson company XL Games, a game maker, also recently started accepting voluntary retirements.

Seo Seung-wook, head of the Kakao union branch, said, “The reason why today’s collective action was named ‘Save Kakao’ is because Kakao’s crisis does not seem to be a temporary financial crisis.” If a crisis comes from judgment, there must be reflection and retrospection on the cause and result.”

He also urged companies to change the practice of signing advisory contracts even at a loss.

On this day, the Kakao labor union delivered a letter of protest to the company. The letter of protest was received by the Kakao CA Council (former CAC) personnel manager. The Kakao union is in a position to proceed with a collective agreement in August-September if there is no response to the letter of protest, such as an apology from center manager Kim.

Chairman Seo said, “I don’t have much expectations as to whether or not there will be an answer, but if I stop acting because there is no expectation, I will not have a chance to hear the answer (from the company and center manager Kim Beom-soo) in the future.” Until we do, we will keep shouting.”

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