Venerable Cheongan, who filmed an advertisement for a news agency with Han Seok-gyu, passed away… at the age of 87

The head of Yongmunsa Temple in Yecheon, Venerable Cheongan온라인바카라 (Daejongsa), who appeared in a commercial with the most popular actor Han Seok-kyu in 1998, passed away on the 23rd at around 5:50 am at Dongdonggak in Yongmunsa Temple, Yongmunsa said. He died at the age of 87 (49 years old).

Venerable Cheongan, who left the priesthood in his 20s, obtained a gift from Daejongsa Nokwon, who served as the head of the Jogye Order and the chairman of the board at Dongguk University.

In 1998, when he was running an urban missionary center in Seoul, he appeared in an advertisement for SK Telecom and became a hot topic. In this CF widely known for its copy, “You can turn it off when you meet another world,” Venerable Cheongan strolled through a bamboo forest with actor Han Seok-gyu.

Only the sound of bamboo rustling in the wind rings on his cell phone in the forest, so Han Suk-kyu shyly turns off his cell phone and steps in with the monk. It was very popular at the time as an advertisement that reversed the fact that it explodes well anytime, anywhere.

It is rumored that after receiving a recommendation from Venerable Wolju, who was the head of the Jogye Order of General Affairs, he started filming with the thought, “Is this also propagation?” However, as more and more people recognized him, Venerable Cheongan entered Yongmunsa Temple in Yecheon.

Since 1999, he has been in charge of the presidency, establishing the Seongbo Museum to preserve the temple’s cultural assets, and in 2019, he even elevated the temple’s Daejangjeon and Yunjangdae to national treasures. In April, he received the highest rank of the Jogye Order, Daejongsa.

The mortuary was prepared at the Yeongnam Jeil Gangwon in Yongmunsa Temple, and the funeral is held by the 8th parish head of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism. On the 27th at 9:00 a.m., a funeral ceremony will be held in the front yard of Daeungjeon Hall of Yongmunsa Temple, followed by a funeral ceremony at Jikjisa Temple in Gimcheon.

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