Are you 74 years old? The identity of her ‘hot pants tank top’ fashion

The fashion that Vera Wang, a famous designer who recently celebrated her 74th birthday, showed at her birthday party is a hot topic. For Vera Wang, wearing high heels in a tank top and hot pants, time seems to have flowed backwards. In particular, in the photo, he is 74 years old, but he does not have any flab.

Vera Wang recently revealed on social media ( SNS ) that she was enjoying a birthday party with her acquaintances. As of the 5th, Vera Wang’s Instagram posts read, “Are you 74 years old?”, “Age is just a number”, “This person is 74 years old? There were many comments such as “It’s really amazing” and “You look 40 years younger”. The posts posted by Vera Wang received 20,000 to 30,000 ‘Likes’.

Vera Wang is known for her thorough self-care. In an interview with a media outlet in the past, he revealed that the secret to his baby face is to “avoid excessive sunlight, get enough sleep, work without rest, and enjoy vodka and Diet Coke.” In 2020, when he was 70 years old, a photo of him in a tank top revealing clear abs also became a hot topic.

Born in 1949, Vera Wang is a Chinese-American born and raised 토토사이트in New York. He entered the world of fashion as an editor for the fashion magazine Vogue and created his own brand, VW Verawang, at the age of 40.

Vera Wang’s wedding dress is worn by Victoria Beckham, Mariah Carey, Kim Kardashian, and Ivanka Trump, and is loved by top stars and wealthy people. In March of last year, actor Son Ye-jin also showed off a dress made by Vera Wang at part 2 of her wedding ceremony with actor Hyun Bin.

In 2018, Forbes ranked Vera Wang as the 34th richest woman in America. At that time, his income reached 630 million dollars (820.638 billion won).

Meanwhile, in Korea, Lee Gil-ya (91), the president of Gachon University, has become a hot topic for her baby-faced appearance.

President Lee Gil-ya performed the horse dance of singer Psy at the Hanmaeum Festival, a festival of Gachon University last May, and the video became a hot topic on social media .

The university produced a short-form video and uploaded it to Gachon University’s Instagram and YouTube channels in response to students’ opinions that they wanted to see President Lee’s dance again. The video also exceeded 1 million views within 6 days of posting.

Through his autobiography and several interviews, President Lee revealed that ‘drinking a lot of water and refraining from spicy and salty foods’ is the secret to maintaining health. He also pointed out that he is not very stressed as another secret.

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