It’s expensive, so half of them are uninsured… Lowering motorcycle insurance premiums

Motorcycles have a much greater risk of death in an accident, but only half of them are insured.

This is because of the expensive insurance premiums, but starting this month, for first-time subscribers, this cost will be reduced by about 20%.

This is Reporter Lee Hyeong-won.

I change lanes and even make a U-turn at the signal to go straight토토사이트.

Children’s zones are no exception.

Sneak past children ignoring one-way signs.

Pedestrians as well as drivers are at risk due to the rushing chased by the delivery time.

In fact, there were more than 18,000 two-wheeled vehicle accidents last year, and more than 480 people died.

The risk of death is so high that the ratio of deaths to accidents is close to three times that of automobiles.

Still, about half of the drivers did not have compulsory insurance.

This is because of the high insurance premiums, and business use such as delivery motorcycles averages 2.24 million won a year.

Because the risk of accidents is high, it is more than 10 times that of households.

[Park Jeong-hoon / Rider Union Organizing Director: In their 20s, (insurance premiums) come out to 8 million won. The history of subscription, whether there was an accident after joining, and the younger the age, the higher the risk… .]

In order to induce people to sign up for insurance by lowering this burden, they are discounting insurance premiums starting this month.

Even when you first sign up, you can change the way you grouped into the same class as subscribers who have had multiple accidents, and reduce your insurance premium by about 20%.

In addition, we decided to increase sales of ‘hourly insurance’, which additionally pays insurance premiums only during delivery time.

From April next year, we will also introduce a group discount system that reduces insurance premiums when the number of motorbike accidents belonging to the company decreases.

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