“Are you filming me again? I’ll give you a cell phone as a present”… “EPL trend” Moodrick kept his promise to the reporter

Mykhailo Mudryk’s story has flowed.

British media ‘Tribuna’ reported on the 23rd (Korean time) that “Mykhailo Mudrick is not as efficient as he wants on the field, but he is a good person, at least off the field.”

Moodrick is an ultra promising winger that Ukraine is looking forward to. He boasts fast speed that ranks first in the 2022/2023 Champions League and third in the EPL speed, and dribbles as if he can see a veil. He is also highly capable of passing and shooting, leading his team by linking with teammates during Shakhtar (Ukraine) and displaying cool shots.

Chelsea and Arsenal showed off their skills and quickly became popular strikers, and Chelsea recruited him for a total of 100 million euros. Shakhtar drew keen attention due to his outstanding skills, but the result was disastrous.

He showed glare in his performance little by little, but clearly displayed his weakness of his ball touch. As the ball touch was too long, he quickly lost the ball, and even if the first defender was removed, he would still be blocked by the second defender. As a result, he recorded only two assists in a total of 15 Premier League matches, which was considered Chelsea’s worst recruitment.

This pre-season looked different. He worked hard to make up for the disappointment of last season. He gave up his pre-season vacation and played in the UEFA U-21 Championship 고수익알바.

In the pre-season game, he seemed to be looking at the days of Gareth Bale Tottenham. In the match against Brighton, he played as a left winger and exchanged passes with front-line striker Nicholas Jackson, creating the team’s come-from-behind goal with his unique shooting power. Since then, he has shown his confidence revived until the matches against Newcastle and Dortmund.

Overall, Moody`s has improved significantly in the pre-season. Under the new coach, Pochettino showed great performance on the ball, dribbling and linking with his signature fast speed, and displayed his best condition with Nicolas Jackson.

He seemed to continue his performance in the league, but his performance in the league this season was no different from last season. He did not play much until the middle of the league, and the season seemed to end in failure as well. However, in the second half of the league, he is gradually improving his form. Mudrick, who alternately starts as a substitute, has scored two goals in the recent four games. Moodrick, who is showing his increasing form, has four goals and two assists in 21 games this season.

While his condition was improving, he heard an unfortunate story. In the video, which was filmed in October, Moodrick conversed with a reporter and promised to buy him a phone. Moodrick asked, “It’s you again? Did you bring your camera again? Is there any storage on your phone?” Then the reporter answered, “It’s 130GB. It’s full of storage.” Moodrick then said, “I’ll buy you a new phone because your storage is full of my videos.”

Eventually, in March, Mudrick kept his promise to a fan and gifted Gigi an iPhone.

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