“Brazil’s debut goal.” Endrick gets slapped by Bellingham and hugs brightly after “Shocked.” Real’s “Present and Future” that they met in the A-match

Real Madrid’s ‘present and future’ met at one stadium.

Brazil won 1-0 against England in the FIFA friendly A match at Wembley Stadium in England on the 24th (Korea time).

The hero of the day was not Real Madrid star Jude Bellingham or Vinicius Junior, but striker Endrick, born in 2006. Endrick, who stepped on the ground as a substitute for Hodrigo in the 26th minute of the second half, opened the scoring in the 10th minute. In the 35th minute of the second half, a ball kicked by Vinicius hit goalkeeper Jordan Pickford and passed to Endrick, who scored the first goal by kicking it into the empty net. There was no additional goal until the end of the game, and Endrick’s goal became the winning goal.

With this goal, Endrick set a new record as the youngest A-match score ever for the Brazilian national team and the youngest A-match score ever for the English football club Wembley Stadium. Endrick scored an A-match score at the age of 17 years, 8 months, and 2 days, beating Ronaldo (17 years, 7 months, 12 days).

Immediately after the match, Endrick received a lot of congratulations. “Real senior” Bellingham was one of them. With a smile on his face, Bellingham approached Endrick and slapped him lightly. Endrick looked surprised and hugged Bellingham. Bellingham grabbed Endrick by the neck and said a few words before disappearing.

Bellingham is the “present” of Real. Having joined Real this season, Bellingham has emerged as the center of European soccer with explosive potential. He has scored 16 goals and three assists in 22 matches in La Liga, leading the league in scoring. He also led Real to the quarterfinals by scoring four goals and four assists in six matches in the UEFA Champions League. Bellingham has completely filled the void of Karim Benzema, who had been in charge of the front line for more than a decade.

Endrick is Real’s “future.” With his outstanding scoring skills in youth soccer, he emerged as one of the country’s top prospects and made his debut in the Brazilian league as a Paumeiras uniform at the age of 16, 2022. He scored seven goals and three assists in the first season, and 11 goals in the last season, showing his performance even at the adult level. Real, which had been paying attention to Endrick, invested a huge 60 million euros (about 87.3 billion won) to confirm his recruitment early on. Endrick will officially join Real this summer, when he turns 18 according to FIFA regulations. 고소득알바

Spanish media also enjoyed watching the match. “After the match, Bellingham approached Endrick and slapped him in the face. Endrick’s reaction was nothing to be thrown away. This is how Bellingham welcomed Endrick. The two left an interesting scene for us.”

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