‘At least 500 million profit’ Heukseokjai 2 households attracted 930,000 people… Best competition ever

930,000 people flocked to 2 households in ‘Heukseok River Park Xi’토토사이트 in Dongjak-gu, Seoul. In particular, the competition rate for the exclusive area of ​​59㎡, which is an unranked subscription volume, recorded the highest level ever, exceeding 298,000 people to 1 in December 2020.

According to the Korea Real Estate Agency’s subscription home on the 26th, as a result of subscribing to one household each of 59㎡ (unranked) and 84㎡ (resupply after cancellation) for Heukseok River Park Xi, respectively, 829,804 people and 104,924 people, respectively. people flocked A total of 934,728 people were recruited for the two households.

In particular, the unranked 829,804 to 1 competition rate is three times the highest competition rate ever, with 298,000 people flocking to the DMC Pine City Xi unranked household subscription in Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul in December 2020.

In the case of the pre-sale price, 59㎡ came out at 646.5 million won, and 84㎡ came out at 963.5 million won. The cost of expanding the balcony is 662 million won and 986.7 million won, respectively.

In the case of 59㎡, there is a history of trading at 1.17 billion won in March, and the current sale is listed at 1.3 billion won. There is a history of trading for 1.65 billion won in March of 84㎡, and the current sale is around 1.55 billion won.

Both volumes are called ‘lottery subscriptions’, which can expect profits of more than 500 million won, and received great attention on this day. Subscribers temporarily flocked to the subscription home, and at the same time as the subscription started at 9:00 am, site failure occurred, making it impossible to connect.

For both households, the down payment is 20%, and the winner of the 59㎡ area has to pay 132 million won, and the winner of the 84㎡ area has to pay 200 million won at once. There is no interim payment, and the balance must be paid in full by September 7, the scheduled move-in date. If you cannot pay the full amount in cash at the time of the balance payment, you can consider giving the lease.

The date of announcement of the winner of the contract cancellation house is the 29th, and the announcement of the winner of the unranked subscription is the 30th.

Meanwhile, Heukseok River Park Xi has a total of 1,772 households with a dedicated area of ​​39 to 120㎡ on the 5th floor underground and 20th floor above the ground.

Heukseok River Park Xi, which redeveloped Heukseok District 3, boasts an excellent educational environment in Heukseok New Town. Eunrocho and Jungdaebucho, a private village, are adjacent, and Jungdaebujung is also nearby. There is a planned high school nearby, and Chung-Ang University and Soongsil University are also within walking distance.

The complex is located in a double station area where you can use Heukseok Station on Subway Line 9 and Soongsil University Station on Line 7. Using road networks such as Hyeonchung-ro and Olympic-daero, it is easy to enter downtown and outskirts of Seoul, such as Banpo and Yeouido. In addition, there are convenience facilities such as Chung-Ang University Hospital and Nonghyup Hanaro Mart.

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