AVG 0.405, “Sungbeom-hyung come quickly”… Humble KIA 29-year-old solver

“I hope Seong-beom hyung will come back soon and lead the batting line.”

KIA Lee Woo-seong (29) is the best solver on the team this season. On the 16th, at the end of the 8th inning when Gwangju NC was trailing 9-11, NC Lim Jeong-ho pulled a two-seamer and pulled out a three-runner with a reversal from the left center. 0.405 batting average with 1 home run and 7 RBIs in the last 10 games. In 48 games this season, batting average 0.333, 5 homers, 18 RBIs, 21 runs, OPS 0.886.

For the second month, Lee Chang-jin, Go Jong-wook and Na Seong-beom filled the void. From some point on, he became the undisputed main right fielder. The name that was seen in the lower lineup can also be seen in the cleanup trio from someday. There is no discomfort at all. This season, Lee Woo-sung is the best solver for KIA. If this pace continues and Na Seong-beom returns at the end of this month, there is a high possibility that he will overtake Ko Jong-wook and Lee Chang-jin as the starting left fielder.

Lee Woo-sung moved from NC to KIA in 2019 through a one-on-one trade with Lee Myung-ki. Since his Doosan days, he has been evaluated as having strength in hitting, but he has not been able to hit his potential. Even after moving to KIA, he sometimes left an impact with his amazing defense and base run compared to his size. Compared to his size, his feet are fast, so he can hit ‘one hit to base’, and his shoulder is not good, but his wide range of defense reassures pitchers.

However, this season, the performance exceeds expectations in terms of hitting, defense, and running. He has been reborn as an airlifter and long-distance solver with three elements. All the commentators who broadcast KIA games this season are highly praised. Recently, commentator Park Jae-hong of MBC Sports Plus called it a “smooth swing.”

Lee Woo-sung made a humble expression, saying that it was over-admiration. He seemed to be in a good mood with a slight smile, but he garnered attention with his humble comments throughout the interview. In the final three-run four, he said, “Hyung-woo (Choi) is so good behind me that I thought there would be a chance of winning if I just connected. He didn’t even want to hit it big. The ball came to the middle and hit it. He is doing his best thanks to the opportunity given by the coach.”

He shook his hand despite the praise that he had more time at the plate and the encouragement that he was a problem solver. Lee Woo-sung said, “The number of strokes is still insufficient and the indicators are small. I don’t think he is a solver,” he said. “I played full-time in the first team for the first time after taking over as coach. He said, “This season, there is no more chasing side.”먹튀검증

He hesitated for a long time, saying that he had nothing to say about his strengths, and then said, “Hustle.” Lee Woo-sung said, “I just like to run. He likes to do one hit to base, and he seems to be doing better than other 100kg players. He is playing like this after 11 years of his debut, but rather than showing something more, he is trying his best to play.”

Later, if his sense of hitting diminishes a bit, Na Seong-beom, who will return, may take his chances. However, Lee Woo-sung said, “I don’t think about that at all. Seongbeom hyung is our team’s main hitter. I hope Sungbeom hyung will come back soon and lead our team. So he said, “I hope our team wins more.”

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