Song Young-jin, head coach of kt Sonic Boom, “We will lay the foundation for a prestigious team to leap forward with fast basketball”

“In the third season of Suwon, we will prepare well for the new season to establish a true hometown and lay the foundation for a leap forward as a prestigious team through steady performance.”

Coach Song Young-jin (45), who is preparing for his first season as the new head coach of the professional basketball team Suwon kt Sonicboom, said, “We will help staff and players to make a new leap forward by recalling the pain of not being able to make it to the postseason after 5 seasons as a championship candidate last season. I will prepare well with you.”

Director Song, who has been training for the 2023-2024 season at Suwon KT Victorium since the 1st, said, “I feel a lot of pressure due to poor results last season, but I have the confidence that I will do better. I want to come together as one while communicating with the players and achieve achievements worth doing this season.”

Coach Song also said, “Looking back on last year, the most regrettable thing was that the foreign players, who account for the absolute portion of the team’s strength, did not live up to expectations, and the physical strength deteriorated rapidly in the second half. In order to overcome this, following the physical training this month, next month we plan to carry out physical strength and tactical training in parallel rather than outside practice games.” To this end, he hinted that he plans to strengthen his physical strength through track training 2-3 times a week.

Coach Song said, “We now have Moon Seong-gon (1st), Han Hee-won (2nd), Choi Chang-jin (4th), and Jung Sung-woo (6th), who were recruited as free agents, who occupied the top ranks in the 2015 draft. They should play a central role in the team and set the atmosphere,” he said. “In fast basketball, defense is fundamental. Since chemistry between domestic and foreign players is important, we are looking for a (foreign) selection who can blend well into the team atmosphere as well as skills.”토토사이트

Along with this, coach Song said, “Ha Yoon-ki, who played a good role last season with a second year, must take a step forward as a big man. In addition, Dave Ildefonso (Philippines), who is entering his second season as an Asian quarter, must work harder to survive in competition with domestic players in overlapping positions.”

He continued, “I plan to renovate the team atmosphere into a serious yet fun atmosphere. As he started training for the first time, he asked the players to follow the tangible and intangible rules and to do their best for themselves and the team so as not to deviate from the courtesy of basketball as a professional player whose job is basketball.”

Finally, Director Song said, “After moving to the hometown for the past two years, we have gone through a transitional period and are at the starting point to achieve a new leap forward. He requested that the players and the front team work together to do their best, so I hope that the fans will support us with more interest and affection.”

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