“Azar, please reconsider your retirement!”… EPL coach’s earnest wish: “I will sign him, West Ham will have Chelsea’s Hazard.”

A great player who dominated the English Premier League (EPL) has left.

It’s Eden Hazard. He announced his retirement from active duty at안전놀이터 the age of 32. Hazard showed great performance at Chelsea and became one of the best players in the world. He was the ‘King of Chelsea’. However, after he moved to Real Madrid in 2019, he suffered a sharp decline.

Although he had the highest transfer fee of Real Madrid’s all-time record and the highest salary within the team, he did not get his money’s worth. Due to his injuries and controversy over his overweight, he fell into the spotlight and was eventually released at the end of last season. He made 54 appearances in four seasons at Real Madrid, scoring all four goals.

Hazard, who had been contemplating his retirement and a new team, finally announced his retirement.

He said on his personal SNS, “Now is the time to stop. I have decided to end my professional career after playing more than 700 games over 16 years. I was fortunate to have good managers, coaches, and colleagues during my career. Everyone who had a good time. “Thank you,” he said.

He added: “I am grateful to all the clubs I have played for – Lille, Chelsea and Real Madrid. I would also like to thank the Belgian national team. A big thank you to the fans who have encouraged me along the way.”

When Hazard retired from active duty, many soccer players expressed their disappointment. Meanwhile, West Ham head coach Kevin Nolan attracted attention by asking Hazard to reconsider retirement.

Coach Nolan said through Britain’s ‘Talk Sports’, “I hope Hazard will reconsider retirement. I,

He continued, “West Ham will have Hazard from Chelsea. If Hazard wants it, we will gladly accept it. I would definitely like to try Hazard one more time. Hazard is the best player in the EPL and the player who scored the best goal.” .

“He’s 32 now, so I think he can play at the highest level for a few more years. That’s why it’s sad that Hazard has decided to retire. I wouldn’t be surprised if he reconsiders retirement in the next six months to a year.” “There are players who announced retirement and then came back. Something like that could happen to Hazard,” he said, expressing his earnest feelings.

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