When lovers are blocked from appearing in movies… “Musk threatens to ‘burn down’ the production company”

Local media reported that in the past, Tesla CEO Elon Musk had threatened a movie production company for the sake of Hollywood actress Amber Heard, who was his lover at the time먹튀검증.

According to American media such as Variety, Heard faced the risk of withdrawing from the sequel to the movie ‘Aquaman’ in 2018 due to discord with the director and fellow actors. Aquaman’s sequel, ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’ (directed by James Wan), is scheduled to be released in the United States on December 20th.

As a result, Heard was able to appear in the film. However, the reason why Heard completed filming the movie safely was because of her former lover, CEO Musk.

CEO Musk, who was Heard’s boyfriend at the time, is said to have sent a threatening letter directly to Warner Brothers, the producer and distributor of the Iron Man film, through his legal team. The content is said to have included a statement that “we will burn the production company down.”

Previously, Heard divorced actor Johnny Depp in 2016. He was later sued for defamation in 2018, claiming he suffered domestic violence from Depp.

During the related legal battle, Heard said that the legal proceedings had taken a toll on her career as an actor, citing ‘Aquaman 2’ as an example.

At the time, Heard said, “The producers didn’t want me in the movie. They (Warner Brothers) didn’t want me in the movie, so they gave me multiple versions of the script and drastically cut down my scenes. A lot of my action scenes were cut as well.” “I went out,” he claimed.

However, Walter Hamada, former president of Warner Bros. DC Films, refuted that Heard and Depp’s legal battle did not affect Heard’s role in Iron Man 2. Instead, he commented on the lack of ‘chemistry’ between Heard and the film’s star, Jason Momoa.

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