‘Baek Seung-ho – Eom Won-sang’ Including many candidates for September AG, Gimcheon Managing Director’s 1st pass list

Managing Director Kim Cheon once again foreshadowed a ‘previous level’. The Hangzhou Asian Games are held before the expected date of enlistment, drawing more attention.

The Armed Forces Sports Unit (Sangmu) is selecting the 2nd Armed Forces Sports Special Forces in 2023. I received documents from March 17th to 23rd last year. On the 10th, the first successful candidates were announced on the homepage. A total of 86 people were nominated. They will undergo a fitness evaluation on the 20th and 21st. The managing director plans to announce the final list of 18 people on June 1 after considering the relevant information. Successful candidates will be enlisted on December 4, when the season ends.

The face of the first passer is gorgeous. Seol Young-woo (25) Um Won-sang (24, Ulsan Hyundai) Baek Seung-ho (26) Song Min-gyu (24, Lee Sang-jeonbuk Hyundai) Yoo Kang-hyeon (27, Daejeon Hana Citizen) are lined up with aces. It’s not over. There are also players who are very active in the national team by age group. Lee Jin-yong (22, Daegu FC), Jo Wi-je (22, Busan I-Park), Cho Hyeon-taek (22, Ulsan), and Heo Yul (22, Gwangju FC) were also listed on the list of successful candidates for the first round. This is the reason field officials said in unison, “Players with outstanding skills stand out. There are also S-class players. I think it will be the best selection ever.”

Some of them are being discussed as members of the Hangzhou Asian Games to be held in September. The age limit for this competition is those born in 1999.안전놀이터 Because of Corona 19, it opens a year late. Eom Won-sang, Song Min-gyu, and Lee Jin-yong are all eligible. In addition, Seol Young-woo and Baek Seung-ho may be selected as wild cards (players over the age of 25) depending on the situation.

Korea is aiming for three consecutive championships following Incheon in 2014 and Jakarta-Palembang in 2018. If you win a gold medal at the Asian Games, you can receive military service benefits. There are also examples. Hwang In-beom (Olympiacos) was discharged after nine months with a gold medal in the Asian Games while serving at the National Police Agency. In basketball, Oh Se-geun (Anyang KGC) won a gold medal in the Asian Games and was discharged early six months after enlisting.

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