Premonition of the birth of a beautiful star that ‘thrills male fans’? Shin Dew Seul of Samsung Life Insurance

‘WOMAN WE WANT’ is a corner featuring beautiful women who catch the attention of male fans on the basketball court, such as announcers and cheerleaders. The April issue of Jump Ball specifically filled this corner with WKBL players. For the first time as a WKBL player, the main character who filled the WOMAN WE WANT corner was Shin Dew Seul, a beauty star of Yongin Samsung Life Insurance. (The interview was held on March 9th.) ※This article was published

in the April issue of Jump Ball, a basketball magazine.

A small story of a ‘celebrity owner’

Since the past, WKBL has consistently produced star players who have both good looks and skills. Shin Dew Seul is a promising player who will carry on that genealogy. According to Samsung Life officials, the video she appears on her club’s YouTube channel is said to have different views. Shin Dew’s charm lies in his unique expressionless expression. She looks like she has a strong heart, such as hitting big shots at the match point without showing any expression on the court, but she actually says that she is more nervous than anyone else on the court.

At the awards ceremony where all the WKBL players gathered, coach Seong-Woo Lee (Woori Bank) said that he was ‘like a celebrity’?
Maybe you just made fun of me (laughs)? “No,” I laughed. We didn’t get to know each other, just say hello, but she told me that.

At the awards ceremony, my draft mates Park Ji-hyeon (Woori Bank) and Lee So-hee (BNK) received the best 5. Are you stimulated?
She congratulated me hard on what I received rather than being stimulated. If I keep going, I think that such a day may come someday.

How was your first fan meeting held at the last home game of the season?

It was the first time because of the COVID-19 epidemic. Still, I always met and talked with the fans after the game, so it wasn’t awkward. But it was the first time I’ve ever done so many autographs. His hand didn’t hurt, but I felt a little bit nervous (laughs).메이저사이트 The fans were worried about whether I was okay, and they said a lot of good things, so it was a fun fan meeting. 

It is said that the signature is a little strange.
I went to get skill training from Trainer Won Ji-seung, and the story of my autograph came up. Since I just use dew with sperm, they asked me how to blow it gently. I’ve been writing since then. I couldn’t find anything better here, so I’m using it as it is (laughs). If I change it, I think I will be sorry to those who have already received it.

I heard that the national team uniform was posted on a used site?
When I was a rookie, a fan asked for a national team uniform, so I gave it to you. As a rookie, each and every fan was really precious and thankful. Recently, I was doing weight training, and the director came and said, ‘How did this happen?’ So someone got scolded, but my uniform was posted on a used site. But it was sold again. I regretted it, saying, ‘If it was like this, I would have sold it’ (laughs).

Do you remember how much it sold for?
It sold for over 100,000 won. It was so sad and disappointing.

You appeared on YouTube’s Quantum Basketball and filmed a video pretending you can’t play basketball. How was it? (What if Yonsei University’s basketball club ‘freshmen’ were active WKBL pros?)

I did feel the joy of being tricked by people. But I just thought that I should deceive people. I thought about how to cheat better, and I wondered if it was really right to go this far (laughs).

There were also comments saying that he was very good at acting because he couldn’t play basketball.
He threw his 3-point shot farther than the rim, but when I read some comments, he said, ‘What kind of normal person throws a shot that far’ (laughs). He was full of energy, probably because it was on vacation, and he hadn’t thought of that detail.

There was a rumor that the room was not clean?

I’m cleaning, but I just can’t organize. I run the vacuum cleaner and even clean the humidifier. The reason why there are rumors like that is because I let it be used as it is convenient for me, right away. Lip balm, hair tie, comb, spray, etc. should be right in front of your eyes before you go to training. I have my own standards and position (laughs).

Are you incapable of gaining weight?

It’s a fat body. But I don’t eat well when I’m stressed. There are people who eat a lot under stress. I’m against it.

Do you eat a whole box of Pringles?

I think I couldn’t eat it all (laughs). It’s not a news seat. Eat a lot. Last time I had an event at Shilla Hotel, I ate a lot. Especially brownies, strawberries, and steak. I like chocolate more than sweets. Before training, I eat bitter chocolate (82% cacao) to wake up.

What is the weight difference from the draft?

There is no difference. I think I lost a lot of breast fat and gained muscle. When I was in high school, I exercised outside to build up my body. I went out with KB Stars (Choi) Ji-seon, but Ji-seon doesn’t gain weight. He worked out and ate the same, and he gained some weight.

Did you remove your braces right away?

I did it for a little over a year, but most people do it for over two years. It wasn’t too bad, and I think I went to the dentist often and had it removed right away.

What was your favorite food to eat during your braces?

I wanted to eat enoki mushrooms and green onion kimchi in Maratang the most. These two foods get stuck in braces a lot. The enoki mushrooms didn’t cut well, so I gave up. As soon as I took out my braces, I ate Maratang, and on the day I went home, I ate green onion kimchi.

‘Icon of nosebleeds’, there were many scenes of nosebleeds during matches. Is it okay?

are you okay. Every time I go to the hospital, they say I’m fine. I’ve only been prescribed medication and applied it, but I’m going to go for laser treatment. They say it makes you bleed less.

I had a lettering tattoo on my collarbone, what does it mean?

It means ‘May good luck come to me’. I thought I should do it after graduating from high school, and I did it because I thought I would regret it if I didn’t.

There is a saying that you get a tattoo first and then your parents scold you. Are you mad at your parents?

Her mom said to do it. But her dad didn’t know. My dad doesn’t like tattoos, so after getting them, he said, ‘This is a sticker’ (laughs). But the next day it is not erased. When I said I did, he told me not to do it again. It didn’t suit my dad.

Short hair looks good on you, but you want to grow it?
Does it suit you well (laughs)? I like long hair better. Long hair is pretty no matter what I wear, and it covers my forearms when I’m wearing a shirt. But bobbed hair is limited when it comes to dressing.

Isn’t short hair uncomfortable when exercising?
It’s okay to put hairpins next to your ears so they don’t touch your face. Even if it was a little longer, it felt heavy and uncomfortable. Unfortunately, I plan to get my hair extensions on vacation.

If you look at your personal Instagram, you can see that I have been to a lot of pretty places. Where can I meet you?
These days, I refrain from going out, but I usually go here and there a lot. Lastly, I went to Hwaseong Haenggung Palace in Suwon. It’s called ‘ITBTity Pasta House’ and it’s really delicious. The uni pasta, steak, and risotto are especially delicious. The green onion goes on top of the risotto, and it was difficult because it was being straightened, but I ate it all (laughs). The nearby cafe called ‘Collingwood’ is also pretty and the strawberry cake is delicious. There are so many strawberries in the cake, I hope you try it.

I hear there are many friends who don’t exercise?
When I was in high school, I only took morning classes, but my friends at the time really liked our basketball team. They were very close friends back then.

Did you study hard in class?
No (laughs). slept I was going to try it. There was a time when my friend studied hard while playing basketball, so I followed him hard. But I couldn’t. If you miss studying once, it’s hard to catch up. It was difficult because if I fell asleep while doing it, I would miss it and start over from there.

The performance of Shin Dew Seul, who went from a tearful sixth-man younger sister to a dignified starter and a surprise big shot at the match, is not unique to this season. In the third year, when he started playing as a sixth man, in the 2020-2021 season, he led the victory with a three-point shot in the first and second matches of the championship match against Cheongju KB Stars. He had to suffer loneliness on the court due to the departure of his older sisters, but now he is developing a sense of dignity as the main pillar of Samsung Life Insurance.

Can you describe the moment you played in the championship match of the 2020-2021 season, the third year?
In the second half of the second game, while I was playing, (Kim) Bomi unnie was sent off. I went to the extension, but the unnies hated me a lot (laughs). I felt like I was going to cry when I thought, ‘What if I leave myself on the court like this?’ Still, I had to run, so I persevered and ran. At the time, I felt like I had to shoot, so I shot a 3-point shot and succeeded. After the game, I felt sad, but the unnies said thank you.

What made you start playing basketball?
When I was in elementary school, I didn’t bother going out, but one day, I followed my mom’s suggestion, ‘Do you want to go out with me?’ An acquaintance of her mother was her elementary school coach, but she was training at Suwon Girls’ High School because the elementary school gym was gone at the time. The coach gave me the ball and told me to touch it and shoot it. Then I got the pass and I wasn’t afraid of the ball. Seeing that, the coach invited her mother and she said, ‘Come over to play’. I went several times and they took care of me very well. It was also fun. ‘Well done. I think it was more fun when you said, ‘You’re good at it’. So I started.

Why are you on the court early on game day?
The older sisters do taping and stretching, but I do stretching and taping. I have to loosen the calf side when doing foam rollers, but it doesn’t work well with taping.

Are there any routines or jinxes?

On game day, I don’t eat soup with rice. I don’t even eat porridge. Porridge was served once, but (Bae) Hye-yoon unnie said she wouldn’t eat it. So she ate, saying, ‘Why don’t you eat this delicious food’, but she didn’t perform well (laughs). So I thought it was because of porridge. I haven’t eaten since then.

This season, the team had an injury, so I played a lot as the main axis. How was it?

I guess it was a lot harder than I thought. But before, if I made a mistake, I came out on the bench, but now that I’m on the court, I have a chance to keep learning. I was able to learn what not to do and what to do on the court.

You also received a MIP in the 4th round. Did you feel that your skills improved at that time?

In fact, he was never satisfied while playing. I didn’t even know if I would get it. Even after receiving it, I thought, ‘Did I do well?’

What are the advantages of running with Jo Soo-ah as the main axis?

(Cho) Soo-ah and I move on to the front court, so the burden is reduced. I can move more aggressively. It was a little easier to attack after receiving the screens of the unnies without the ball. It’s hard to be aggressive if you keep carrying the ball.

What should I pay attention to?

Coach Ha (Sang-yoon) told me before that if Sua made a mistake, it would come out little by little after that, so from then on, I had to carry the ball more. However, there is no perfect player in the world, and it is difficult to carry the ball alone, so we help each other a lot.

If you look at the shot chart, it’s biased to the left. Do you know?

I did not know. There are a lot of left-handed mid-range shots. I wondered how much of a difference there would be when the team said that the left side went in a little better, but there is a big difference. When we practice, both sides practice equally.

He usually plays games with an expressionless face, but can we say he has a strong heart?

I also have times when I get annoyed, when I am surprised, and when I am happy. Even if I feel emotions, I have to quickly move on to the next thing, so I don’t think my expression shows much. I also have a variety of expressions, but since I’m not big, I think only close people can recognize them.

In an interview after winning the Futures League MVP award in the 2019-2020 season, “I am not tall or fast, but I think it would be good to remember that he was a good basketball player. In order to do that, shouldn’t I be at least like coach Lee Mi-seon?” Are you well on your way to your goal?
I think I’m still only 25% of the coach. My feet aren’t very fast, but my speed isn’t bad. I think I look slow because I’m with my fast friends. (Speed ​​is lacking at the moment, but they say jumping rope is good here.) I did a lot in high school. I’m not doing it right now, but I need to do it now (laughs).

There was a game where I played all 40 minutes.
It’s too hard (laughs). The first time I ran for 40 minutes, I ran so crazy that I didn’t even know I had run for 40 minutes. It’s not hard in the first half, so even if I make a mistake, I run with the thought that I have to do better. It’s hard in the second half, so if I send my autograph to the coach, please don’t change it. When I asked, he said, “You have to run then.” It’s a stable style, and I think I can’t take it off because my shots usually explode in the second half.

What do you feel you need to improve on while spending this season?
I have to work hard to improve my shot success rate. I can see the pass road when I can see it, but when I can’t see it, I can’t see it too much. However, during the game, you cannot determine whether you can see or not see your teammates. You have to have the ability to make a way out even when you can’t see it.

How are you planning to spend your vacation?
I’m going to do hair extensions first. Vacation is a waste of time every day, so I plan to take it as soon as I get it. I’m thinking of going on a trip to Bangkok this time. I decided to go with (Kim) So-seon unni and (Lee) Haeran, the manager of HanawonQ in Bucheon, for 4 days and 3 nights. Correction is over, and they say there are many delicious foods, so I’m going to eat a lot.

The title of the magazine is ‘premonition of the birth of a beautiful star? It’s Shin Dew, what do you think?
I think I have to do better at basketball to be able to do that (laughs).

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