Baseball player’s son’s foul ball hit by father in the crowd

Bobby Witt Jr. (22) is living his childhood dream of becoming a major league baseball player. Bobby Witt Sr. lives watching every parent’s dream of a child come true.

His father recently made special memories in Texas that will last a lifetime.

According to reports from the Kansas City Star and Fox News on the 13th (hereinafter local time), 17,760 spectators entered Globe Life Park, where the 2023 Major League Baseball regular season game between the Kansas City Royals and Texas Rangers was held on the night of the 11th. did. Among them were the family of visiting Royals shortstop Bobby Witt Jr.

Witt Jr. hit Texas pitcher Jose Leclerc at the plate and went over to the first base crowd. One lucky fan went home with a souvenir. That lucky fan was Witt Jr.’s father.

It wasn’t the son’s plan,토토사이트 but the father ended up with a nice keepsake. Bobby Witt Sr. pitched in the big leagues from 1986 to 2001, so catching foul balls wasn’t a problem.

After the game, the son wrote on the ball his father caught, “Bobbie Witt Jr. hit and Bobby Witt Sr. caught it.”

The Royals lost 5-8 in overtime in the 10th inning, but Witt Jr. went 2-for-1 with one run and batted .255 for the season.

Witt Jr. finished fourth in the American League Rookie of the Year voting last year.

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