Bereaved family of Seoi-cho teacher “Why did he end his life at school… Please clarify”

On the afternoon of the 20th, the deceased’s uncle, the Seoul Teachers’ Union온라인바카라, and the National Elementary Teachers’ Union held a press conference in front of the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education in Jongno-gu, Seoul, and said, “There must be a reason why Mr. A made an extreme choice at the school where he usually works.” requested fact-checking.

The deceased’s maternal uncle said, “Now the deceased’s parents are having a hard time with various unconfirmed posts online.” do,” he claimed.

Regarding the school’s claim, he said, “Looking at the contents of the school’s entrance statement today, it came out that there was no problem, but then it seemed that I could not give an accurate answer as to why a young teacher, a newcomer to society, had to end his life at the school where he worked.”

He pointed out that, despite the fact that the school’s entrance statement was modified and distributed once, “the background of some changes must also be clarified.”

In addition, he insisted in a meeting with reporters after the press conference, “I think that the fact that he died at his job meant that he wanted to announce something by dying.”

He continued, “The school’s entrance statement said he wanted it, but I know that the lower grade assignment of first grade is assigned to someone with a certain amount of experience. But (the deceased) is in his second year,” he said.

The bereaved family said that in the future, Mr. A’s funeral will be held privately among his family members.

Earlier, on the 18th, Mr. A was found dead at an elementary school in Seocho-gu. It is presumed to be an extreme choice as there is no evidence of murder.

Although a police investigation is currently underway, suspicions have been raised through the education community and Internet communities that the deceased teacher suffered from constant bullying from certain parents, such as suffering from excessive complaints from parents about school violence.

As the controversy grew, the school principal issued a statement on the same day and refuted that the related content was not true. The school said that it confirmed that the family of the politician mentioned in the rumor that ‘there is an influential person in the parent’s family’ on the Internet community is not in this class.

On this day, around 100 fellow teachers dressed in black gathered in front of the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education to commemorate the deceased. About 300 wreaths sent from all over the country were also placed. Fellow teachers hung black ribbons in memory of the deceased on a pine tree near the Office of Education, and left messages of condolence on white banners, such as “I’m sorry as a senior teacher” and “I’m sorry for making you go through lonely and difficult things alone.”

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