“British and K-pop girl groups have filled the vacancy after the collapse of girl groups”

In England, the country of the world-famous girl group 스포츠토토‘Spice Girls’, K-pop girl groups are attracting attention. Local media such as the Guardian also reported that during the month of September, K-pop girl groups such as Twice, Espa, ITZY , and Girls will perform in London one after another. It was also highlighted that 90% of K-pop consumers are abroad.

On the 27th (local time), in an article titled ‘K-Pop Girl Groups Conquer Britain’, the Guardian introduced that 4 groups will hold a concert in London in September alone, following Blackpink’s performance in July. Twice, Aespa, ITZY, and Girls have all decided to perform in London in September. Previously, BLACKPINK participated in the famous music festival ‘Hyde Park British Summertime Festival’ as the first Korean singer to participate as a ‘signboard performer (headliner)’.

In addition to this, another girl group Mamamoo’s performance was screened at movie theaters across the UK this month. Fifty Fifty, a song by New Jeans, also entered the UK charts.

The Guardian analyzed that the reason why Korean girl groups are gaining popularity in the UK is that they actively use social media and fill the vacancy of British girl groups through a delicate and coordinated success formula. He also emphasized that about 90% of K-pop consumers are foreign fans with high profitability, and only 10% are fans living in Korea.

Claire Rodriguez Lee, who composed hit songs for Girls’ Generation and Red Velvet, said, “The music is catchy, the fashion styling is appropriate, the choreography is great, and the stage direction is delicate.” There is, and it seems like they are saying, ‘Come to our group’.”

However, some pointed out that K-pop companies are hindering innovation by overemphasizing commercial success. ‘Kitan M’ , who identified as a long-time fan of K-pop groups, said, “Music can sometimes feel repetitive and mundane.”

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