“620,000 won per month for 4 vehicles”… Parking trouble with an exceptional parking fee?

When an apartment in Gyeonggi-do decided to 토토사이트drastically raise the parking fee, various reactions are pouring in.

Recently, an article titled ‘Parking fee for an apartment complex in Gyeonggi-do’ was posted on an online community.

According to the article, the apartment management office decided to raise the parking fee significantly.

It states that free parking is allowed for one vehicle per household, 20,000 won for two vehicles, and a significant increase in rates from three or more vehicles.

If you have 3 vehicles, you will have to pay 270,000 won from the previous 50,000 won, and 620,000 won from 80,000 won if you have 4 vehicles.

It is estimated that such an alternative was put forward to solve the parking problem in the apartment complex.

Netizens who heard the news responded such as ‘I don’t have a conscience with more than 3 cars’ and ‘Doesn’t a house with one car have to wander around looking for a parking spot because of such residents?’

On the other hand, some expressed opinions such as ‘If you don’t have a car, the maintenance fee will be reduced’ and ‘It’s too expensive’.

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