Choi Ji-man, Philadelphia ‘first baseman’? Trade filed for Hoskins injury

Choi Ji-man (Pittsburgh Pirates) is expected to suffer from trade rumors throughout this season.

Even when he was traded from the Tampa Bay Rays to Pittsburgh, the possibility of him staying in Pittsburgh for a long time was evaluated as low. It was expected that he would be traded to a postseason contender during the season. This is because the possibility of Pittsburgh catching Choi Ji-man, who will become a free agent this season, is virtually zero. In Pittsburgh, a small market, it is difficult to afford Choi’s ransom. It means that he is turning his eyes to the prospects within the club.

One week before the start of this season, Philadelphia first baseman Rhys Hoskins suffered an injury while defending an exhibition game on the 24th (Korean time).

The director said it would be okay,먹튀검증 but local media ‘That Balls Outer Here’ quickly mentioned a replacement for Hoskins. If Hoskins goes on the injured list, he names a player to take over first base until he returns. Among them, there was the name of Choi Ji-man. It is necessary to bring Choi Ji-man through a trade.

The media said, however, that the possibility of Choi Man-man being traded to Philadelphia at this point does not seem very high.

The trade rumors of Choi Ji-man broke out even before the start of the season.

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