‘Colombia killer + No. 1 goal specialist’ Son Heung-min, will he present his first win to Klinsman?

Will captain Son Heung-min (31, Tottenham) lead manager Jurgen Klinsmann’s (59) debut match to victory? In the meantime, Son Heung-min showed off a very strong aspect of Colombia, the first opponent of Klinsmann. 

The soccer team led by coach Klinsman will play a friendly match against Colombia at Ulsan Munsu Soccer Stadium at 8:00 pm on the 24th. The 25 Taegeuk warriors selected for the 1st Klins Manho became a ‘complete group’ on the 21st. It only takes two days for all the members to get together and work together. In fact, it is an extremely insufficient time for coach Klinsman’s soccer color to melt.

Nevertheless, there are many elements to expect victory against Colombia. Colombia ranks 17th in the FIFA rankings, eight places higher than Korea (25th). In terms of opponents, Korea has a huge lead with 4 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss. The power of the players selected this time is not very strong.

In an interview with this magazine, commentator Han Jun-hee said, “We need to win against Colombia. From the selection of the national team, there were no players that would come to mind when you think of Colombia. A significant part of the players that Colombia has been using as their main force in recent years have been left out.” He pointed out the absence of Luis Dias (Liverpool) and Luis Muriel (Atalanta). 

The presence of Son Heung-min is also a factor that raises expectations. Son Heung-min is the ‘Colombia Killer’. Son Heung-min faced Colombia twice after wearing the Taegeuk mark, scoring a total of 3 goals. Korea won 2-1 in both matches he played. 

He showed off his skills one level higher than the Colombian team, which has stars all over the place. In 2017, he led his victory by scoring multiple goals. At that time, Edwin Cardona (Boca Juniors) Hames Rodriguez (Olympiacos) made a tearing racist gesture, but Son Heung-min scolded them with a goal. Son Heung-min, who scored the opening goal in the 2019 confrontation, also engaged in a war of nerves with the Colombian team by holding his hand to his mouth after the victory and saying, “Keep talking.” 

Also, Son Heung-min specializes in the ‘No. 1 goal’. All the meaningful first goals for his team, Tottenham, were in charge of Son Heung-min. He scored the opening goal of Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in April 2019 in a league match against Crystal Palace. Six days later, he scored his first goal in the UEFA Champions League against Manchester City.

Son Heung-min also presented the first goal to the coaches who took the baton of Tottenham. Son Heung-min was the protagonist of the first goal in the debut of Jose Mourinho, Nuno Espiritu Santo and Antonio Conte. There is also a pleasant formula that Tottenham all sounded the victory high in the debut of the three coaches Son Heung-min scored. This is the background of high expectations that he will present the first goal and victory to coach Klinsman. 

The ‘yellow uniform killer’ is also an interesting part.토토사이트 Throughout his career, Son Heung-min was strong against opponents wearing yellow uniforms. He opened the goal especially well for teams wearing yellow shirts such as Dortmund, Watford and Norwich City. Colombia will also go to Korea wearing a yellow top. 

Heung-Min Son, ahead of the friendly against Colombia, attended a press conference on the 23rd and said, “Because the Qatar World Cup was held in winter, the players were busy returning to their respective teams after the tournament. It was a pity that we disbanded without an event to thank the fans. I will prepare well,” he said. 

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