Coach Jae-hoon Jeong, who has prepared more than a hundred times, “must win the Korea-Japan match”

Since it is a match between Korea and Japan, I feel a sense of mission to win. The first joint training is held, and all the players work hard. The first training was positive because it wasn’t sloppy.”

The Lee Sang-baek Korea-Japan University Basketball Tournament will be held for the first time in four years since 2019. Hanyang University coach Jeong Jae-hoon, who is in charge of the Universiade national team coach, will lead the team, and Myongji University coach Kim Tae-jin and Korea University coach Kim Tae-hong will assist coach Jung Jae-hoon.

The event will be held in Korea for three days from May 19th to 21st. To this end, the Korea University Basketball Federation set the college basketball league break from May 13 to 23.

Preparations for the tournament began on the 8th. Currently, a preliminary list of 24 people is formed, and after joint training every weekend at Hanyang University, the final 12 people are expected to be selected.

During the month of April, we train only on weekends, and from May 5th to 7th, we are planning a camp training for 2 nights and 3 days. After that, I will try to continue training except for the players who have games.

In a phone call on the 14th, coach Jung Jae-hoon said, “I started training last week, but the players are training too hard. It’s a burden because it’s been a long time since I’ve been in the game,” he said. “I have high expectations because the players are working hard. Since it is a Korea-Japan match, I feel a sense of mission to win. The first joint training is held, and all the players work hard. The first training was positive because it was not sloppy.”

Currently, 24 people are divided into two teams of 12 people, and training is conducted separately.

Coach Jeong Jae-hoon said, “If you train with 24 people at once, it is difficult to grasp the strengths and weaknesses of the players. Coaches Kim Tae-jin and Kim Tae-hong also believe that training in groups of 12 makes it easier to grasp the skills of the players.”

Some commented that the meeting was convened too early. It’s because the college basketball league is open for a while.

However, the men’s university team will play one game a week starting in April. Some teams are different from the old days when they played two games a week. Of course, you have to attend classes and study, but if you are called until the weekend, your break time may be reduced or it may interfere with team training.

Coach Jeong Jae-hoon said, “I heard the information, but Japan has been training by selecting and convening players from two months ago. I heard that they prepare faster than us. Although the tournament has not been held recently, it is said that there is a possibility that Japan will pick up about two mixed-race players because it is paying attention again.” “The training is not fast. After reducing the number to 15, we were going to select the final 12, but we are also thinking about confirming the 12 sooner. Because there is a lot to prepare for both offense and defense. I need to consult with the coaching staff.”

It is a burdensome position because I am afraid of Japan’s growth.

Coach Jeong Jae-hoon said, “At first, I gave up the coaching job, but since the Universiade team includes college players, continuing this will help me identify the players. After consulting with coach Kim Tae-jin, he took over as manager, but there is a sense of pressure.”

Considering the skills of the players currently showing in the college basketball league, no player other than Yugi-sang who will be in charge of a clear perimeter is noticeable.

Manager Jeong Jae-hoon said,스포츠토토 “Yoo Ki-sang is in charge of the perimeter, and there are players who have perimeter skills even though they are big men. He tries to take advantage of that because he has players who can throw 3-pointers through pick-and-pop. He also tries to create a lot of spacing.”

Coach Jung Jae-hoon said, “You have to select players from elite members. If you listen to the advice of the coaches of the teams that went to Japan to practice during this winter training, they say that even though the height of the front line is short, Japan has good technique and speed, so it is necessary to strengthen the defense. He explained the direction of the national team this time, saying, “I will focus on defense and try to play basketball that utilizes the strengths of the selected players.”

The Korean national team recorded 2 wins and 1 loss in both the most recent tournaments held in 2018 and 2019.

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