COVID-19, starting today, level 4 like the flu… Inspection fee ‘paid by yourself’

Starting today (31st), the COVID-19 infectious disease level will be lowered from Level 2 to Level 4. Depending on the infectious disease level adjustment, you will have to bear the cost of rapid antigen test and PCR test yourself from now on.

The government will implement the ‘COVID-19 Level토토사이트 4 Infectious Disease Conversion and Step 2 Measures’, which was confirmed and announced last week, from this day.

Earlier, on the 23rd, Ji Young-mi, head of the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters, announced at a meeting of the COVID-19 Serious Injury Control Headquarters, “Starting from the 31st, the COVID-19 infectious disease grade will be changed to level 4,” and “For healthy people, COVID-19 will be at the level of influenza (flu).” “The risk has decreased and medical response capabilities have been sufficiently secured,” he said.

COVID-19 was classified as level 1, the highest level, immediately after being introduced into the country. Afterwards, it was lowered to level 2 in April last year, and then to level 4.

Infectious disease level 4 is the lowest level among infectious disease levels. Grade 4 infectious diseases include influenza and acute respiratory infections.

In accordance with the adjustment of the COVID-19 infectious disease level, the cost of rapid antigen test and PCR test will have to be borne by the individual from now on.

However, support will continue for groups eligible for oral treatment, such as those aged 60 or older, those aged 12 or older with underlying conditions, or those with weakened immune systems.

Additionally, to protect high-risk groups, the obligation to wear masks is maintained in hospital-level medical institutions and inpatient facilities vulnerable to infection.

The COVID-19 crisis level remains ‘alert’. Although the spread is decreasing in the summer, it will be operated as is to protect groups and facilities vulnerable to infection and to respond organically at the government-wide level.

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