Geoje, Tongyeong, and Tsushima Island are clearly visible… A high school student took a picture of the Earth with a ‘space balloon’

High school science club students are making headlines by launching a balloon with a camera into space. We succeeded in capturing and recovering the blue Earth from the stratosphere at a height of 33 km.

Reporter Seung-ju Bae met the students who launched the space balloon.


[3, 2, 1… Launch!]

The balloon quickly rises into the sky.

The journey was captured in detail on the camera attached토토사이트.

We passed the mountain peaks and ridges in one minute, and five minutes later we met white cumulus clouds.

After climbing for over an hour, you can clearly see Geoje and Tongyeong in South Gyeongsang Province and Tsushima Island in Japan.

As we reach the stratosphere, at an altitude of 33km, the blue, round planet Earth unfolds beneath the vast expanse of space.

[Lee Jun-woo/1st year, Gimhae Bunseong High School: I was touched while watching the video and realized that we made it well.] The

‘space balloon’ was launched by science club students from Gimhae Bunseong High School in Gyeongsangnam-do.

[Kim Jun-ho/Gimhae Bunseong High School 1st grade: At first, I wondered if this would work, but now that I can fly, my efforts are rewarded… ]

After traveling for 1 hour and 40 minutes, the balloon burst, and the wreckage landed safely in a rice field in Uiryeong, Gyeongsangnam-do.

It is about 100km west of the starting point.

The starting point was determined by considering the height from which the balloon rose, the speed at which it fell, and the wind so that it could land in this area.

[Byung-Hyeon Han/Instructor: Typhoon Kanun was located in the lower left corner of the Korean Peninsula at that time, so it was able to meet winds blowing from the east to the west… ]

Students’ challenges are not over.

Tomorrow we will launch a drone, and then a rocket.

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