Daytime sexual assault in a park near Mt. Gwanak, Seoul… “The victim is unconscious”

A woman was raped and unconscious in a park near Mt. Gwanak in Seoul in broad daylight.

The culprit arrested at the scene is a man in his 30s, and the police are looking at the two as unknown.

Connect with reporters to hear more details. Reporter Park Jung-hyun!

Yes, this is the Ministry of Social Affairs.

The victim is said to be in a very critical situation. Please안전놀이터 tell us the details of the case.

Yes, the incident occurred at around 11:50 am today at a park at the foot of Mt. Gwanak in Seoul.

A passer-by who was hiking reported to the police that he heard a scream on the trail. The

dispatched police searched the area and found a man in his 30s at 12:10 p.m.

Mr. A was arrested on charges of rape and injury.

At the time of discovery, the victim was already unconscious and seriously injured. She was immediately taken to the hospital, but is now in a very critical condition.

The police believe that Mr. A is not acquainted with the victim.

Mr. A was not in a drunken state at the time of the crime, and it was found that the result of the drug liver reagent test came out negative.

The police secured a blunt weapon at the scene, but it is being confirmed whether Mr. A actually used it in the crime.

In addition, we are investigating whether it is related to the notice of murder in Sillim-dong, which was recently posted online.

The police plan to apply for an arrest warrant tomorrow after investigating the motive and circumstances of the crime against the suspect.

So far, we have been told by the Ministry of Social Affairs.

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